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From the Terrace

From the Terrace

Release Date: 1960-07-15 (61 years ago)
Paul Newman
David Alfred Eaton
Paul Newman was:
Joanne Woodward
Mary St. John / Mrs. Alfred Eaton
Joanne Woodward was:
Ted de Corsia
Mr. Ralph W. Benziger
Ted de Corsia was:
Ina Balin
Natalie Benziger
Ina Balin was:
Elizabeth Allen
Sage Rimmington
Elizabeth Allen was:
Barbara Eden
Clemmie Shreve
Barbara Eden was:
George Grizzard
Alexander 'Lex' Porter
George Grizzard was:
Patrick O'Neal
Dr. Jim Roper
Patrick O'Neal was:
Raymond Greenleaf
Fritz Thornton
Raymond Greenleaf was:
Myrna Loy
Martha Eaton
Myrna Loy was:
Leon Ames
Samuel Eaton
Leon Ames was:
Malcolm Atterbury
George Fry
Malcolm Atterbury was:
Raymond Bailey
Mr. Eugene St.John
Raymond Bailey was:
Howard Caine
Creighton Duffy
Howard Caine was:
Felix Aylmer
James Duncan MacHardie
Felix Aylmer was:
Kathryn Givney
Mrs. St. John
Kathryn Givney was:
Dorothy Adams
Mrs. Benziger
Dorothy Adams was:
Marie Blake
Marie Blake was:
Jimmy Martin
Sandy Duffy
Jimmy Martin was:
Felippa Rock
Jean Duffy
Felippa Rock was:
Cyril Delevanti
MacHardie's Secretary
Cyril Delevanti was:
Regina Carrol
Regina Carrol was:
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