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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Cool Hand Luke

Cool Hand Luke

Release Date: 1967-06-22 (54 years ago)
Paul Newman
Luke Jackson
Paul Newman was:
George Kennedy
George Kennedy was:
Luke Askew
Boss Paul
Luke Askew was:
Morgan Woodward
Boss Godfrey
Morgan Woodward was:
Harry Dean Stanton
Harry Dean Stanton was:
Dennis Hopper
Dennis Hopper was:
Lou Antonio
Lou Antonio was:
Robert Drivas
Loudmouth Steve
Robert Drivas was:
Strother Martin
Strother Martin was:
Jo Van Fleet
Jo Van Fleet was:
Clifton James
Clifton James was:
Marc Cavell
Marc Cavell was:
Richard Davalos
Blind Dick
Richard Davalos was:
Robert Donner
Boss Shorty
Robert Donner was:
J.D. Cannon
Society Red
J.D. Cannon was:
Joe Don Baker
Joe Don Baker was:
James Gammon
James Gammon was:
Chuck Hicks
Chuck Hicks was:
Rance Howard
Rance Howard was:
James Jeter
James Jeter was:
Joy Harmon
The Girl
Joy Harmon was:
Anthony Zerbe
Dog Boy
Anthony Zerbe was:
Warren Finnerty
Warren Finnerty was:
John McLiam
Boss Keen
John McLiam was:
Wayne Rogers
Wayne Rogers was:
Charles Tyner
Boss Higgins
Charles Tyner was:
Ralph Waite
Ralph Waite was:
Buck Kartalian
Buck Kartalian was:
Kim Kahana
Convict (uncredited)
Kim Kahana was:
Donn Pearce
Sailor (uncredited)
Donn Pearce was:
John Pearce
John (uncredited)
John Pearce was:
Rush Williams
Patrolman (uncredited)
Rush Williams was:
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