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Poster of Presumed Dead

Presumed Dead

Release Date: Monday, May 8 2006 (16 years ago)
Portrait of Duncan RegehrDuncan Regehr
Seth Harmon
Duncan Regehr was:
Portrait of Sherilyn FennSherilyn Fenn
Det. Mary Anne 'Coop' Cooper
Sherilyn Fenn was:
Portrait of Pascale HuttonPascale Hutton
C. C. Woodruff
Pascale Hutton was:
Portrait of Rhonda DentRhonda Dent
Paige Stevenson
Rhonda Dent was:
Portrait of Jay BrazeauJay Brazeau
Professor Dunnigan
Jay Brazeau was:
Portrait of Blu MankumaBlu Mankuma
Captain Dade
Blu Mankuma was:
Portrait of Chandra BergChandra Berg
Amanda Cooper
Chandra Berg was:
Portrait of J. Douglas StewartJ. Douglas Stewart
D. A. Lister
J. Douglas Stewart was:
Portrait of Susanna UchatiusSusanna Uchatius
Dr. Horton
Susanna Uchatius was:
Portrait of Elan Ross GibsonElan Ross Gibson
Elan Ross Gibson was:
Portrait of Sean AllanSean Allan
George Winters
Sean Allan was:
Portrait of Tracy TruemanTracy Trueman
Heather Mason
Tracy Trueman was:
Portrait of Judith MaxieJudith Maxie
Judge Tobias
Judith Maxie was:
Portrait of Danielle Dunn-MorrisDanielle Dunn-Morris
Ms. Novak
Danielle Dunn-Morris was:
Portrait of Rob MortonRob Morton
Officer Meyers
Rob Morton was:
Portrait of John TenchJohn Tench
John Tench was:
Portrait of Emma KarwandyEmma Karwandy
Paige - Age 5
Emma Karwandy was:
Portrait of Shayn SolbergShayn Solberg
Pizza Boy
Shayn Solberg was:
Portrait of Marcel MaillardMarcel Maillard
Marcel Maillard was:
Portrait of Lynn WahlLynn Wahl
Suit Lawlor
Lynn Wahl was:
Portrait of Brody HarmsBrody Harms
Teenage Boy
Brody Harms was:
Portrait of Meghan HeffernMeghan Heffern
Teenage Girl
Meghan Heffern was:
Portrait of Colin FooColin Foo
Dr. Li
Colin Foo was:
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