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Poster of Take Aim at the Police Van

Take Aim at the Police Van

Release Date: Wednesday, January 27 1960 (62 years ago)
Portrait of Michitarō MizushimaMichitarō Mizushima
Daijirô Tamon
Michitarō Mizushima was:
Portrait of Mari ShirakiMari Shiraki
Tsunako Andô
Mari Shiraki was:
Portrait of Misako WatanabeMisako Watanabe
Yûko Hamajima
Misako Watanabe was:
Portrait of Shinsuke AshidaShinsuke Ashida
Jûbei Hamajima
Shinsuke Ashida was:
Portrait of Shoichi OzawaShoichi Ozawa
Gorô Kashima
Shoichi Ozawa was:
Portrait of Ryôhei UchidaRyôhei Uchida
Ryôhei Uchida was:
Portrait of Tōru AbeTōru Abe
Tōru Abe was:
Portrait of Tatsuo MatsushitaTatsuo Matsushita
Captain Takamura
Tatsuo Matsushita was:
Portrait of Saburo HiromatsuSaburo Hiromatsu
Saburo Hiromatsu was:
Portrait of Reiko AraiReiko Arai
Reiko Arai was:
Portrait of Toyo FukudaToyo Fukuda
Toyo Fukuda was:
Portrait of Kotoe HatsuiKotoe Hatsui
Concierge of Gorô's Apartment
Kotoe Hatsui was:
Portrait of Hiroshi ChōHiroshi Chō
Hiroshi Chō was:
Portrait of Tomio AokiTomio Aoki
Clerk of Inn
Tomio Aoki was:
Portrait of Norikatsu HanamuraNorikatsu Hanamura
Norikatsu Hanamura was:
Portrait of Hiroshi MidorikawaHiroshi Midorikawa
Hiroshi Midorikawa was:
Portrait of Keisuke NoroKeisuke Noro
Manager of Strip Theater
Keisuke Noro was:
Portrait of Akira HisamatsuAkira Hisamatsu
Akira Hisamatsu was:
Portrait of Kaoru YamamotoKaoru Yamamoto
Kaoru Yamamoto was:
Portrait of Kyoko NatsuKyoko Natsu
Kyoko Natsu was:
Portrait of Ayako FukudaAyako Fukuda
Ayako Fukuda was:
Portrait of Yôko YokotaYôko Yokota
Maid at Inn
Yôko Yokota was:
Portrait of Tamaki KatoriTamaki Katori
Tamaki Katori was:
Portrait of Eiko TakadaEiko Takada
Eiko Takada was:
Portrait of Arata ShibataArata Shibata
Taxi Driver
Arata Shibata was:
Portrait of Sho FurutaSho Furuta
Sho Furuta was:
Portrait of Koichi UenoyamaKoichi Uenoyama
Tôkichi Tatsuma
Koichi Uenoyama was:
Portrait of Shigeno IwasakiShigeno Iwasaki
Mari Sanjô
Shigeno Iwasaki was:
Portrait of Reina HanayagiReina Hanayagi
Reina Hanayagi was:
Portrait of Hiroshi NagashiHiroshi Nagashi
Hiroshi Nagashi was:
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