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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Blind Wolf

Blind Wolf

Release Date: Sunday, September 29 1963 (58 years ago)
Portrait of Chiyonosuke AzumaChiyonosuke Azuma
Chiyonosuke Azuma was:
Portrait of Sumiko FujiSumiko Fuji
Sumiko Fuji was:
Portrait of Koji ArimaKoji Arima
Koji Arima was:
Portrait of Kazutarō KuniKazutarō Kuni
Kazutarō Kuni was:
Portrait of Akira ShiojiAkira Shioji
Akira Shioji was:
Portrait of Kinjirô TooyamaKinjirô Tooyama
Kinjirô Tooyama was:
Portrait of Hiroshi FujikawaHiroshi Fujikawa
Hiroshi Fujikawa was:
Portrait of Hiroshi KatoHiroshi Kato
Hiroshi Kato was:
Portrait of Ichirō SugaiIchirō Sugai
Ichirō Sugai was:
Portrait of Ryūji ShinagawaRyūji Shinagawa
Ryūji Shinagawa was:
Portrait of Akira TaniAkira Tani
Akira Tani was:
Portrait of Ushio AkashiUshio Akashi
Ushio Akashi was:
Portrait of Michitarō MizushimaMichitarō Mizushima
Michitarō Mizushima was:
Portrait of Yujiro OmiYujiro Omi
Yujiro Omi was:
Portrait of Masaharu ArikawaMasaharu Arikawa
Masaharu Arikawa was:
Portrait of Shunji SakaiShunji Sakai
Shunji Sakai was:
Portrait of Keisuke OtoriKeisuke Otori
Keisuke Otori was:
Portrait of Utako KyôUtako Kyô
Utako Kyô was:
Portrait of Kenji KusumotoKenji Kusumoto
Kenji Kusumoto was:
Portrait of Michimaro OtabeMichimaro Otabe
Michimaro Otabe was:
Portrait of Shinnosuke OgataShinnosuke Ogata
Shinnosuke Ogata was:
Portrait of Kin'ya SuzukiKin'ya Suzuki
Kin'ya Suzuki was:
Portrait of Reiko OtoriReiko Otori
Reiko Otori was:
Portrait of Ryuko AzumaRyuko Azuma
Ryuko Azuma was:
Portrait of Kenjiro UemuraKenjiro Uemura
Kenjiro Uemura was:
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