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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of To My Daughter

To My Daughter

Release Date: 1990-11-26 (31 years ago)
Portrait of Rue McClanahanRue McClanahan
Laura Carlson
Rue McClanahan was:
Portrait of Michele GreeneMichele Greene
Julie Carlston
Michele Greene was:
Portrait of Ty MillerTy Miller
Bobby Carlston
Ty Miller was:
Portrait of Samantha MathisSamantha Mathis
Anne Carlston
Samantha Mathis was:
Portrait of George CoeGeorge Coe
Frank Parsons
George Coe was:
Portrait of Tom IrwinTom Irwin
Mark Sheridan
Tom Irwin was:
Portrait of James AveryJames Avery
Ian Mellon
James Avery was:
Portrait of Ellen BlakeEllen Blake
Ellen Blake was:
Portrait of Jeff CoreyJeff Corey
Jeff Corey was:
Portrait of Sean SixSean Six
Anne's Boyfriend
Sean Six was:
Portrait of Jennifer Lynn McCombJennifer Lynn McComb
Jennifer Lynn McComb was:
Portrait of Chris RennoldsChris Rennolds
Chris Rennolds was:
Portrait of A.J. StephansA.J. Stephans
A.J. Stephans was:
Portrait of Douglas RoweDouglas Rowe
Dr. Silverstein
Douglas Rowe was:
Portrait of Noah BlakeNoah Blake
Noah Blake was:
Portrait of Tanya HowardTanya Howard
Tanya Howard was:
Portrait of Zak SchwartzZak Schwartz
Zak the Paperboy
Zak Schwartz was:
Portrait of Alison McMillanAlison McMillan
Alison McMillan was:
Portrait of Vanessa MarquezVanessa Marquez
Student #1
Vanessa Marquez was:
Portrait of Lauren Williams-GibbsLauren Williams-Gibbs
Student #2
Lauren Williams-Gibbs was:
Portrait of Arrica StephansArrica Stephans
Student #3
Arrica Stephans was:
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