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Release Date: 1978-08-03 (43 years ago)
Bradford Dillman
Paul Grogan
Bradford Dillman was:
Heather Menzies
Maggie McKeown
Heather Menzies was:
Kevin McCarthy
Dr. Robert Hoak
Kevin McCarthy was:
Keenan Wynn
Keenan Wynn was:
Dick Miller
Buck Gardner
Dick Miller was:
Barbara Steele
Dr. Mengers
Barbara Steele was:
Belinda Balaski
Belinda Balaski was:
Melody Thomas Scott
Laura Dickinson
Melody Thomas Scott was:
Bruce Gordon
Colonel Waxman
Bruce Gordon was:
Barry Brown
Barry Brown was:
Paul Bartel
Mr. Dumont
Paul Bartel was:
Shannon Collins
Suzie Grogan
Shannon Collins was:
Shawn Nelson
Shawn Nelson was:
Richard Deacon
Earl Lyon
Richard Deacon was:
Janie Squire
Barbara Randolph
Janie Squire was:
Roger Richman
Roger Richman was:
Bill Smillie
Bill Smillie was:
Guich Koock
TV Pitchman
Guich Koock was:
Jack Pauleson
Boy in Canoe
Jack Pauleson was:
Eric Henshaw
Father in Canoe
Eric Henshaw was:
Robert Vinson
Robert Vinson was:
Virginia Dunnam
Virginia Dunnam was:
Diamond Farnsworth
Water-skier (as Hill Farnsworth)
Diamond Farnsworth was:
Bruce Paul Barbour
Man in Boat (as Bruce Barbour)
Bruce Paul Barbour was:
Robyn Ray
Screaming Woman
Robyn Ray was:
Mike Sullivan
Dam Guard
Mike Sullivan was:
Jack Cardwell
Jack Cardwell was:
Sally Bondi
Swimming Deb (uncredited)
Sally Bondi was:
Eric Braeden
Dr. Robert Hoak (swimming double) (uncredited)
Eric Braeden was:
Joe Dante
Scuba Diver #2 (uncredited)
Joe Dante was:
Amy Holden Jones
Hertz Clerk (uncredited)
Amy Holden Jones was:
Andrew G. La Marca
Scuba Diver #1 (uncredited)
Andrew G. La Marca was:
John Sayles
Army Sentry
John Sayles was:
Phil Tippett
Scuba Diver
Phil Tippett was:
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