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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Something Wild

Something Wild

Release Date: 1986-11-07 (34 years ago)
Jeff Daniels
Charles Driggs
Jeff Daniels was:
Melanie Griffith
Audrey Hankel
Melanie Griffith was:
Ray Liotta
Ray Sinclair
Ray Liotta was:
George 'Red' Schwartz
Counter Man
George 'Red' Schwartz was:
Margaret Colin
Margaret Colin was:
Leib Lensky
Leib Lensky was:
Tracey Walter
The Country Squire
Tracey Walter was:
Maggie T.
Country Squire Bulldog
Maggie T. was:
Patricia Falkenhain
Charlie's Secretary
Patricia Falkenhain was:
Sandy McLeod
Graves' Secretary
Sandy McLeod was:
Robert Ridgely
Richard Graves
Robert Ridgely was:
Buzz Kilman
TV Newscaster
Buzz Kilman was:
Kenneth Utt
Kenneth Utt was:
Adelle Lutz
Adelle Lutz was:
Charles Napier
Irate Chef
Charles Napier was:
Jim Roche
Motel Philosopher
Jim Roche was:
John Sayles
Motorcycle Cop
John Sayles was:
John Waters
Used Car Guy
John Waters was:
The Texas Kid
Hitchhiking Cowboy
The Texas Kid was:
Byron D. Hutcherson
Hitchhiking Kid
Byron D. Hutcherson was:
Eleana Hutcherson
Hitchhiking Kid
Eleana Hutcherson was:
Thomas Cavano
Guitar Player
Thomas Cavano was:
Dorothy Demme
Junk Store Gal
Dorothy Demme was:
Emma Byrne
Junk Store Gal
Emma Byrne was:
Dana Preu
Dana Preu was:
Max the Dog
Max the Dog was:
Mary Ardella Drew
Donna Penski
Mary Ardella Drew was:
Joseph Lee Davis
James Williams
Joseph Lee Davis was:
Edward Saxon
Kevin Stroup
Edward Saxon was:
James Hurd
Stylish Reunion Couple
James Hurd was:
Joanna Kitchen-Hurd
Stylish Reunion Couple
Joanna Kitchen-Hurd was:
Jack Gilpin
Larry Dillman
Jack Gilpin was:
Su Tissue
Peggy Dillman
Su Tissue was:
Gary Goetzman
Guido Paonessa
Gary Goetzman was:
Chloe Amateau
Chloe Amateau was:
Dung Chau
Robbery Victim
Dung Chau was:
Steven Scales
Steven Scales was:
John Montgomery
Harmonica Slim
John Montgomery was:
Kristin Olsen
Kristin Olsen was:
Heather Shaw
Choir Girl
Heather Shaw was:
Vic Blair
Cowboy Maitre d'
Vic Blair was:
D. Stanton Miranda
D. Stanton Miranda was:
Motorcycle Dog
Ding-a-Ling was:
Johnny Marrs
Motorcycle Driver
Johnny Marrs was:
George Henry Wyche Jr.
Police Officer
George Henry Wyche Jr. was:
Marilee K. Smith
Police Officer
Marilee K. Smith was:
Jeffrey R. Rioux
Police Officer
Jeffrey R. Rioux was:
Jeff Herig
Police Officer
Jeff Herig was:
Gil Lazier
Homicide Detective
Gil Lazier was:
Anna Levine
The Girl in 3F
Anna Levine was:
'Sister' Carol East
'Sister' Carol East was:
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