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She's in the Army Now

She's in the Army Now

Release Date: 1981-05-15 (40 years ago)
Kathleen Quinlan
Pvt. Cass Donner
Kathleen Quinlan was:
Jamie Lee Curtis
Pvt. Rita Jennings
Jamie Lee Curtis was:
Susan Blanchard
Pvt. Virginia Marshall
Susan Blanchard was:
Melanie Griffith
Pvt. Sylvie Knoll
Melanie Griffith was:
Julie Carmen
Pvt. Yvette Rios
Julie Carmen was:
Janet MacLachlan
Sgt. Reed
Janet MacLachlan was:
Dale Robinette
Sgt. Barnes
Dale Robinette was:
Robert Pierce
Virgil Knoll
Robert Pierce was:
Barbara Lynn Block
Barbara Lynn Block was:
Steven Bauer
Nick Donato
Steven Bauer was:
Douglas Dirkson
Sgt. King
Douglas Dirkson was:
Damita Jo Freeman
Damita Jo Freeman was:
Susan Barnes
Susan Barnes was:
Priscilla Cory
Female Private
Priscilla Cory was:
Ted Markland
Highway Patrol Officer
Ted Markland was:
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