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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Mulholland Falls

Mulholland Falls

Release Date: 1996-04-26 (25 years ago)
Nick Nolte
Max Hoover
Nick Nolte was:
Melanie Griffith
Katherine Hoover
Melanie Griffith was:
Chazz Palminteri
Elleroy Coolidge
Chazz Palminteri was:
Michael Madsen
Eddie Hall
Michael Madsen was:
Chris Penn
Arthur Relyea
Chris Penn was:
Treat Williams
Col. Nathan Williams
Treat Williams was:
Jennifer Connelly
Allison Pond
Jennifer Connelly was:
Daniel Baldwin
Daniel Baldwin was:
Andrew McCarthy
Jimmy Fields
Andrew McCarthy was:
John Malkovich
General Thomas Timms
John Malkovich was:
Kyle Chandler
Kyle Chandler was:
Ed Lauter
Ed Lauter was:
Melinda Clarke
Cigarette Girl
Melinda Clarke was:
Ernie Lively
Ernie Lively was:
Suzanne Solari
Perino's Girl
Suzanne Solari was:
Alisa Christensen
Spaghetti Girl
Alisa Christensen was:
Bruce Dern
The Chief
Bruce Dern was:
Louise Fletcher
Louise Fletcher was:
Rob Lowe
Rob Lowe was:
William Petersen
Jack Flynn
William Petersen was:
Aaron Neville
Nite Spot Singer
Aaron Neville was:
Titus Welliver
Kenny Kamins
Titus Welliver was:
Chelsea Harrington
Chelsea Harrington was:
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