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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Body Double

Body Double

Release Date: 1984-10-25 (36 years ago)
Craig Wasson
Jake Scully
Craig Wasson was:
Melanie Griffith
Holly Body
Melanie Griffith was:
Gregg Henry
Sam Bouchard
Gregg Henry was:
Deborah Shelton
Gloria Revelle
Deborah Shelton was:
Guy Boyd
Det. Jim McLean
Guy Boyd was:
Dennis Franz
Dennis Franz was:
David Haskell
Drama Teacher
David Haskell was:
Rebecca Stanley
Kimberly Hess
Rebecca Stanley was:
Al Israel
Al Israel was:
Douglas Warhit
Video Salesman
Douglas Warhit was:
B.J. Jones
B.J. Jones was:
Russ Marin
Russ Marin was:
Lane Davies
Lane Davies was:
Barbara Crampton
Barbara Crampton was:
Larry "Flash" Jenkins
Assistant Director
Larry "Flash" Jenkins was:
Monte Landis
Sid Goldberg
Monte Landis was:
Linda Shaw
Linda Shaw
Linda Shaw was:
Ty Randolph
Ty Randolph was:
Denise Loveday
Actress / Vampire Movie
Denise Loveday was:
Gela Nash
Corso's Secretary
Gela Nash was:
Ray Hassett
Police Officer
Ray Hassett was:
Rick Gunderson
Police Officer
Rick Gunderson was:
Jerry Brutsche
Police Officer
Jerry Brutsche was:
Michael Kearns
Male Porn Star
Michael Kearns was:
Rob Paulsen
Rob Paulsen was:
Jeremy Lawrence
Theatre Director
Jeremy Lawrence was:
Rod Loomis
TV Director
Rod Loomis was:
Gary F. Griffith
Auditioning Actor
Gary F. Griffith was:
Michael White
Security Guard (Gloria's House)
Michael White was:
Emmett Brown
Studio Guard
Emmett Brown was:
Phil Redrow
Naked Man
Phil Redrow was:
Slavitza Jovan
Slavitza Jovan was:
Jack Mayhall
Jake's Replacement
Jack Mayhall was:
Alexandra Day
Girl in Bathroom #1
Alexandra Day was:
Cara Lott
Girl in Bathroom #2
Cara Lott was:
Brinke Stevens
Girl in Bathroom #3
Brinke Stevens was:
Melanie Scott
Girl in Bathroom #4
Melanie Scott was:
Patty Lotz
Girl #1 (Holly Does Hollywood)
Patty Lotz was:
Barbara Peckinpaugh
Girl #2 (Holly Does Hollywood)
Barbara Peckinpaugh was:
David Ursin
Man #1 (Holly Does Hollywood)
David Ursin was:
Casey Sander
Man #2 (Holly Does Hollywood)
Casey Sander was:
Wes Edwards
Man #3 (Holly Does Hollywood)
Wes Edwards was:
Chuck Waters
Chuck Waters was:
Paul A. Calabria
Man with Dog
Paul A. Calabria was:
Holly Johnson
Singing Nightclub Doorman (uncredited)
Holly Johnson was:
Paul Rutherford
Man in Nightclub (uncredited)
Paul Rutherford was:
Steven Bauer
Assitant Director (Holly Does Hollywood) (uncredited)
Steven Bauer was:
Helen Shaver
Gloria Roshelle (voice) (uncredited)
Helen Shaver was:
Darcy DeMoss
Barefoot Dancer in Nightclub (uncredited)
Darcy DeMoss was:
H. David Fletcher
Security Guard (Bellini's)
H. David Fletcher was:
Marcia Del Mar
Production Assistant
Marcia Del Mar was:
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