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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Silent Venom

Silent Venom

Release Date: 2009-06-02 (11 years ago)
Luke Perry
Lt. Cmdr. James O'Neill
Luke Perry was:
Krista Allen
Dr. Andrea Swanson
Krista Allen was:
Tom Berenger
Admiral Bradley Wallace
Tom Berenger was:
Louis Mandylor
Jake Goldin
Louis Mandylor was:
Anthony Tyler Quinn
Eddie Boudreau
Anthony Tyler Quinn was:
Robert Catrini
Major Drake
Robert Catrini was:
David Andriole
Ensign Richard Kelso
David Andriole was:
Sam Scarber
Captain Rogers
Sam Scarber was:
Travis Joe Dixon
Officer Lozano
Travis Joe Dixon was:
Haran Jackson
Sailor Rhodes
Haran Jackson was:
Oliver Rayon
Sailor Wilson
Oliver Rayon was:
Bill J. Stevens
Secretary of the Navy
Bill J. Stevens was:
Gerald Webb
Gerald Webb was:
T. Ryan Mooney
Engineering Officer
T. Ryan Mooney was:
Sterling Hiroshi Greene
Japanese Trapper #1
Sterling Hiroshi Greene was:
Kimo Keoke
Japanese Trapper #2
Kimo Keoke was:
Ted Monte
Ted Monte was:
Jeffrey Christopher Todd
Helmsman Long
Jeffrey Christopher Todd was:
McKay Stewart
McKay Stewart was:
Michael Galvez
Planesman Ray
Michael Galvez was:
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