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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Action Point

Action Point

Release Date: 2018-06-01 (2 years ago)
Johnny Knoxville
Deshawn Crious "D.C." Carver
Johnny Knoxville was:
Chris Pontius
Chris Pontius was:
Eleanor Worthington-Cox
Eleanor Worthington-Cox was:
Aidan Whytock
Aidan Whytock was:
Leon Clingman
Joel Green
Leon Clingman was:
Joe Vaz
Joe Vaz was:
Camilla Wolfson
Camilla Wolfson was:
Matthew Peterson
Matthew Peterson was:
Johnny Pemberton
Johnny Pemberton was:
Luyanda Biggz Kabanyane
Heavy Metal Guy
Luyanda Biggz Kabanyane was:
Brigette Lundy-Paine
Four Finger Annie
Brigette Lundy-Paine was:
Michael Everson
Michael Everson was:
Stavros Cassapis
Long Haired Teen #1
Stavros Cassapis was:
Michael Ramanantsialonina
Long Haired Teen #2
Michael Ramanantsialonina was:
Eric Manaka
Eric Manaka was:
Matthew Wessels
Groovy Guy #1
Matthew Wessels was:
Dan Bakkedahl
Dan Bakkedahl was:
Joshua Hoover
Hot Headed Pete
Joshua Hoover was:
Conner McVicker
Conner McVicker was:
Susan Yeagley
Adult Boogie
Susan Yeagley was:
Dana Schick
Body Double
Dana Schick was:
Siobhan Hodgson
Teacher Christine Hollingworth
Siobhan Hodgson was:
Dean Fourie
Inspector #1
Dean Fourie was:
Mhairi Fergusson
Mhairi Fergusson was:
Dante Gabriel Thord-Gray
Bored Teen
Dante Gabriel Thord-Gray was:
Clover Nee
Clover Nee was:
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