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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The 39 Steps

The 39 Steps

Release Date: 1935-06-06 (86 years ago)
Robert Donat
Richard Hannay
Robert Donat was:
Madeleine Carroll
Madeleine Carroll was:
Lucie Mannheim
Annabella Smith
Lucie Mannheim was:
Godfrey Tearle
Professor Jordan
Godfrey Tearle was:
Peggy Ashcroft
The Crofter's Wife Margaret
Peggy Ashcroft was:
John Laurie
John the Crofter
John Laurie was:
Helen Haye
Louisa Jordan
Helen Haye was:
Frank Cellier
Sheriff Watson
Frank Cellier was:
Wylie Watson
Mr. Memory
Wylie Watson was:
Gus McNaughton
Salesman on the Flying Scotsman
Gus McNaughton was:
Jerry Verno
Salesman on the Flying Scotsman
Jerry Verno was:
Peggy Simpson
The Jordans' Maid
Peggy Simpson was:
Matthew Boulton
Fake Police Officer (uncredited)
Matthew Boulton was:
Pat Hagate
M.C. Who Introduces Mr. Memory (uncredited)
Pat Hagate was:
Alfred Hitchcock
Man Walking Past Bus (uncredited)
Alfred Hitchcock was:
Carleton Hobbs
Fake Police Officer (uncredited)
Carleton Hobbs was:
Elizabeth Inglis
Professor Jordan's Daughter Pat (uncredited)
Elizabeth Inglis was:
Quinton McPherson
Clergyman on the Flying Scotsman (uncredited)
Quinton McPherson was:
Frederick Piper
The Milkman (uncredited)
Frederick Piper was:
Hilda Trevelyan
The Innkeeper's Wife (uncredited)
Hilda Trevelyan was:
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