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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Phantom Raiders

Phantom Raiders

Release Date: 1940-06-07 (81 years ago)
Walter Pidgeon
Nick Carter
Walter Pidgeon was:
Donald Meek
Donald Meek was:
Joseph Schildkraut
Mr. Al Taurez
Joseph Schildkraut was:
Florence Rice
Cora Barnes
Florence Rice was:
Nat Pendleton
'Gunboat' Jacklin
Nat Pendleton was:
Cecil Kellaway
Franklin Morris
Cecil Kellaway was:
John Carroll
John Ramsell Jr.
John Carroll was:
Steffi Duna
Steffi Duna was:
Dwight Frye
Eddie Anders
Dwight Frye was:
Matthew Boulton
John Ramsell Sr.
Matthew Boulton was:
Harry Tyler
Cafe Waiter
Harry Tyler was:
Joe Yule
Joe Yule was:
Alec Craig
Andy MacMillan
Alec Craig was:
Thomas W. Ross
Dr. Grisson
Thomas W. Ross was:
Hugh Beaumont
Hugh Beaumont was:
Guy Bellis
Pierson - Sir Edward's Aide
Guy Bellis was:
Dick Botiller
Taurez's Henchman
Dick Botiller was:
John Burton
Steve Donnigan of Scotland Yard (uncredited)
John Burton was:
Charles Coleman
U.S. Agent Hilton
Charles Coleman was:
Franco Corsaro
Ysidro - Morris' Head Clerk (uncredited)
Franco Corsaro was:
George Douglas
Taurez's Henchman
George Douglas was:
Ralph Dunn
Port Policeman
Ralph Dunn was:
Lee Tung Foo
Mr. Yamamoto
Lee Tung Foo was:
John George
Man in Cafe (uncredited)
John George was:
Edward Hearn
Officer on the Orchid
Edward Hearn was:
Holmes Herbert
Sir Edward
Holmes Herbert was:
Claire James
Pretty Girl at End
Claire James was:
Kenner G. Kemp
Man in Cafe
Kenner G. Kemp was:
William Lally
Port Inspector
William Lally was:
Stanley Mann
First Mate
Stanley Mann was:
Florence Mannix
Telephone Operator
Florence Mannix was:
May McAvoy
Middle Telephone Operator
May McAvoy was:
David Newell
Man in Cafe
David Newell was:
David Newell
Telephone Operator
David Newell was:
Nestor Paiva
Policeman at Morris' Office & at Finale
Nestor Paiva was:
Dick Rich
Al's Henchman
Dick Rich was:
Claire Rochelle
Woman Entertainer
Claire Rochelle was:
Harold Schlickenmayer
Harold Schlickenmayer was:
Harry Semels
Cafe Bartender
Harry Semels was:
Cap Somers
Man in Cafe
Cap Somers was:
William Stelling
Man in Cafe Flirting with Dolores
William Stelling was:
Harry Strang
Sailor in Cafe
Harry Strang was:
Brick Sullivan
Brick Sullivan was:
William Tannen
William Tannen was:
Charles Thomas
Sailor in Cafe
Charles Thomas was:
Jesús Topete
Hispanic Waiter
Jesús Topete was:
Chalky Williams
Chalky Williams was:
Beal Wong
Chinese Man in Cafe
Beal Wong was:
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