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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Comrade X

Comrade X

Release Date: 1940-12-13 (80 years ago)
Clark Gable
McKinley B. 'Mac' Thompson
Clark Gable was:
Hedy Lamarr
Golubka / Theodore Yahupitz / Lizvanetchka 'Lizzie'
Hedy Lamarr was:
Oskar Homolka
Commissar Vasiliev
Oskar Homolka was:
Felix Bressart
Igor Yahupitz / Vanya
Felix Bressart was:
Eve Arden
Jane Wilson
Eve Arden was:
Sig Ruman
Emil Von Hofer
Sig Ruman was:
Natasha Lytess
Olga Milanova
Natasha Lytess was:
Vladimir Sokoloff
Michael Bastakoff
Vladimir Sokoloff was:
Edgar Barrier
Edgar Barrier was:
Georges Renavent
Georges Renavent was:
Leon Belasco
Comrade Baronoff
Leon Belasco was:
Michael Mark
Michael Mark was:
Alex Melesh
Effeminate Streetcar Conductor
Alex Melesh was:
Sven Hugo Borg
Streetcar Passenger
Sven Hugo Borg was:
John Bleifer
Russian Marriage License Clerk / Russian Tank Co-Pilot
John Bleifer was:
Shimen Ruskin
Russian Bridegroom
Shimen Ruskin was:
Alexander Asro
Russian Waiter
Alexander Asro was:
Mikhail Rasumny
Russian Officer
Mikhail Rasumny was:
Ilia Khmara
Russian Man
Ilia Khmara was:
Lici Balla
Russian Woman
Lici Balla was:
Matthew Boulton
British World Press Attendee
Matthew Boulton was:
Keye Luke
World Press Attendee with Glasses
Keye Luke was:
John Picorri
World Press Attendee Standing Next to Von Hofer
John Picorri was:
Sam Harris
Press Correspondent
Sam Harris was:
Manuel París
Press Correspondent
Manuel París was:
William Bailey
Press Correspondent
William Bailey was:
Larry Steers
Press Correspondent
Larry Steers was:
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