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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Bridal Suite

Bridal Suite

Release Date: 1939-05-26 (82 years ago)
Robert Young
Neil McGill
Robert Young was:
Luise Anzengruber
Annabella was:
Walter Connolly
Dr. Theodore Grauer
Walter Connolly was:
Billie Burke
Mrs. Lillian McGill
Billie Burke was:
Gene Lockhart
Cornelius McGill
Gene Lockhart was:
Reginald Owen
Sir Horace Bragdon
Reginald Owen was:
Arthur Treacher
Lord Helfer
Arthur Treacher was:
Virginia Field
Abbie Bragdon
Virginia Field was:
Felix Bressart
Felix Bressart was:
Sig Arno
Schmidt - in Shipboard Brawl
Sig Arno was:
Roy Atwell
Professor Kockerthaler
Roy Atwell was:
Margaret Bert
Chalet Guest
Margaret Bert was:
Robert Blake
Toto Pujol
Robert Blake was:
Walter Bonn
Kannengeisser - in Shipboard Brawl
Walter Bonn was:
Matthew Boulton
Ship Captain
Matthew Boulton was:
Charles Coleman
Henry - Bath Attendant
Charles Coleman was:
Carlos De Valdez
Mountain Climbing Guide
Carlos De Valdez was:
Phil Dunham
Passenger Asked for Match
Phil Dunham was:
Tenen Holtz
Hotel Runner at Train Station
Tenen Holtz was:
Mary Beth Hughes
Mary Beth Hughes was:
Hans Joby
Scienkiewcz - in Shipboard Brawl
Hans Joby was:
Mitchell Lewis
Hotel Runner at Train Station
Mitchell Lewis was:
Fred Malatesta
Cassini - in Shipboard Brawl
Fred Malatesta was:
Adolph Milar
Hotel Runner at Train Station
Adolph Milar was:
Alberto Morin
Italian Hotel Guest
Alberto Morin was:
Leo Mostovoy
Ptomkin - in Shipboard Brawl
Leo Mostovoy was:
Bea Nigro
Mrs. Woodfeather
Bea Nigro was:
John Power
John Power was:
Renie Riano
Mrs. Pujol
Renie Riano was:
Gilbert Russell
Gilbert Russell was:
Hans Schumm
Man in Shipboard Brawl
Hans Schumm was:
Gerald Oliver Smith
Gerald Oliver Smith was:
Don Stannard
Best Man
Don Stannard was:
David Thursby
Basil - Bath Attendant
David Thursby was:
Harry Wilson
Mountaineer with Guide
Harry Wilson was:
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