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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of The Magic Sword

The Magic Sword

Release Date: Sunday, April 1 1962 (60 years ago)
Portrait of Basil RathboneBasil Rathbone
Basil Rathbone was:
Portrait of Estelle WinwoodEstelle Winwood
Estelle Winwood was:
Portrait of Gary LockwoodGary Lockwood
Sir George
Gary Lockwood was:
Portrait of Anne HelmAnne Helm
Princess Helene
Anne Helm was:
Portrait of Liam SullivanLiam Sullivan
Sir Branton
Liam Sullivan was:
Portrait of Danielle De MetzDanielle De Metz
Danielle De Metz was:
Portrait of Merritt StoneMerritt Stone
Merritt Stone was:
Portrait of Nick Bon TempiNick Bon Tempi
Left Siamese Twin
Nick Bon Tempi was:
Portrait of Paul Bon TempiPaul Bon Tempi
Right Siamese Twin
Paul Bon Tempi was:
Portrait of Jack KosslynJack Kosslyn
The Ogre
Jack Kosslyn was:
Portrait of Maila NurmiMaila Nurmi
The Hag / Sorceress
Maila Nurmi was:
Portrait of David CrossDavid Cross
Sir Pedro of Spain
David Cross was:
Portrait of Jacques GalloJacques Gallo
Sir Dennis of France
Jacques Gallo was:
Portrait of John MauldinJohn Mauldin
Sir Patrick of Ireland
John Mauldin was:
Portrait of Taldo KenyonTaldo Kenyon
Sir Anthony of Italy
Taldo Kenyon was:
Portrait of Angus DuncanAngus Duncan
Sir James of Scotland
Angus Duncan was:
Portrait of Leroy JohnsonLeroy Johnson
Sir Ulrich of Germany
Leroy Johnson was:
Portrait of Marlene CallahanMarlene Callahan
Princess Grace
Marlene Callahan was:
Portrait of Ann GravesAnn Graves
Princess Laura
Ann Graves was:
Portrait of Lorrie RichardsLorrie Richards
Lorrie Richards was:
Portrait of Ted FinnTed Finn
1st Dwarf
Ted Finn was:
Portrait of Paul FreesPaul Frees
Sir Ulrich of Germany (voice)
Paul Frees was:
Portrait of Angelo RossittoAngelo Rossitto
2nd Dwarf
Angelo Rossitto was:
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