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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in



Release Date: 1940-09-13 (81 years ago)
Wallace Beery
'Reb' Harkness
Wallace Beery was:
Leo Carrillo
Pete Marillo
Leo Carrillo was:
Ann Rutherford
Lucy Kincaid
Ann Rutherford was:
Lee Bowman
Sergeant Connelly
Lee Bowman was:
Joseph Calleia
John Buckley
Joseph Calleia was:
Bobs Watson
Jimmy Kincaid
Bobs Watson was:
Paul Kelly
General Custer
Paul Kelly was:
Henry Travers
Henry Travers was:
Marjorie Main
Marjorie Main was:
Ted Adams
Smalley's Brother
Ted Adams was:
Richard Alexander
Gus - Henchman
Richard Alexander was:
Arthur Belasco
Arthur Belasco was:
Hank Bell
Hank Bell was:
Clem Bevans
Pa McKinley
Clem Bevans was:
Dick Botiller
Rusty - Henchman
Dick Botiller was:
Archie Butler
Archie Butler was:
Harley Chambers
Harley Chambers was:
Dick Curtis
Corky - Henchman
Dick Curtis was:
Edgar Dearing
Capt. Evans
Edgar Dearing was:
Stanley Fields
Curley - Henchman
Stanley Fields was:
Harry Fleischmann
Mosey - Henchman Shot by Buckley
Harry Fleischmann was:
George Guhl
Train Engineer
George Guhl was:
Payne B. Johnson
Western Boy
Payne B. Johnson was:
Glenn Lucas
Smokey - Henchman Driving Stagecoach
Glenn Lucas was:
Donald MacBride
Bart - Henchman
Donald MacBride was:
Francis McDonald
Dawson - Henchman
Francis McDonald was:
Howard M. Mitchell
Train Conductor
Howard M. Mitchell was:
Betty Jean Nichols
Betty Jean Nichols was:
Lee Phelps
Ed James
Lee Phelps was:
Addison Richards
Addison Richards was:
Russell Simpson
Mr. Bronson
Russell Simpson was:
Glenn Strange
Bill Smalley - Henchman
Glenn Strange was:
William Tannen
Sgt. Reynolds
William Tannen was:
Chief Thundercloud
Chief Thundercloud was:
Ethel Wales
Mrs. Bronson
Ethel Wales was:
Chill Wills
Chill Wills was:
Harry Wilson
Harry Wilson was:
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