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Release Date: 1940-05-17 (81 years ago)
Adolphe Menjou
Phil Manning
Adolphe Menjou was:
Carole Landis
Sally Willows
Carole Landis was:
John Hubbard
Tim Willows
John Hubbard was:
William Gargan
Joel Clare
William Gargan was:
Verree Teasdale
Laura Bannister
Verree Teasdale was:
Mary Astor
Marion Manning
Mary Astor was:
Donald Meek
Henry - the Valet
Donald Meek was:
Joyce Compton
Irene Clare
Joyce Compton was:
Inez Courtney
Miss Edwards
Inez Courtney was:
Franklin Pangborn
Mr. Pingboom
Franklin Pangborn was:
Marjorie Main
Marjorie Main was:
Berton Churchill
Julian Marlowe
Berton Churchill was:
Margaret Roach
Dixie Gale
Margaret Roach was:
Ray Turner
Ray Turner was:
Norman Budd
Norman Budd was:
Polly Ann Young
Miss Gertie Twill
Polly Ann Young was:
Eleanor Riley
Eleanor Riley was:
Murray Alper
Murray Alper was:
Miki Morita
Miki Morita was:
Yolande Donlan
Marie (as Yolande Mollot)
Yolande Donlan was:
Georges Renavent
Mr. Ram (as George Renavent)
Georges Renavent was:
Peter Adams
Photographer (uncredited)
Peter Adams was:
Ward Arnold
Employee (uncredited)
Ward Arnold was:
Ralph Brooks
Chauffeur (uncredited)
Ralph Brooks was:
Chester Clute
Briggs (uncredited)
Chester Clute was:
Hal Cooke
Copyrighter (uncredited)
Hal Cooke was:
John Davidson
Minor Role (uncredited)
John Davidson was:
Dorothy Dugan
Bathing Model (uncredited)
Dorothy Dugan was:
Jack Egan
Photographer's Assistant (uncredited)
Jack Egan was:
Joe Hartman
Model (uncredited)
Joe Hartman was:
Kenner G. Kemp
Nightclub Patron (uncredited)
Kenner G. Kemp was:
Gwen Kenyon
Model (uncredited)
Gwen Kenyon was:
Wright Kramer
Dr. Brown (uncredited)
Wright Kramer was:
Carl M. Leviness
Man in Outer Office (uncredited)
Carl M. Leviness was:
Jerry Mandy
Remisoff - First Photograper (uncredited)
Jerry Mandy was:
Buddy Messinger
Elevator Boy (uncredited)
Buddy Messinger was:
Harold Miller
Nightclub Patron (uncredited)
Harold Miller was:
Harold Minjir
Pet Shop Clerk (uncredited)
Harold Minjir was:
Bert Moorhouse
Photographer's Assistant (uncredited)
Bert Moorhouse was:
Frances Morris
Marlowe's Secretary (uncredited)
Frances Morris was:
Forbes Murray
Carter (uncredited)
Forbes Murray was:
William H. O'Brien
Nightclub Waiter (uncredited)
William H. O'Brien was:
Elsa Peterson
Minor Role (uncredited)
Elsa Peterson was:
Rebel Randall
Model (uncredited)
Rebel Randall was:
Jack Rice
Second Photographer (uncredited)
Jack Rice was:
Louise Ritchie
Maid (uncredited)
Louise Ritchie was:
Marshall Ruth
Minor Role (uncredited)
Marshall Ruth was:
Gwen Seager
Dress Model (uncredited)
Gwen Seager was:
Mildred Sellers
Model (uncredited)
Mildred Sellers was:
Robert 'Buddy' Shaw
Second Clerk (uncredited)
Robert 'Buddy' Shaw was:
Carlie Taylor
Photographer's Assistant (uncredited)
Carlie Taylor was:
Russell Wade
Officer Worker in Corridor (uncredited)
Russell Wade was:
Larry Wheat
Meek Man in Outer Office (uncredited)
Larry Wheat was:
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