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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Shepherd of the Hills

The Shepherd of the Hills

Release Date: 1941-07-18 (80 years ago)
John Wayne
Young Matt
John Wayne was:
Betty Field
Sammy Lane
Betty Field was:
Harry Carey
Daniel Howitt
Harry Carey was:
Beulah Bondi
Aunt Mollie
Beulah Bondi was:
James Barton
Old Matt
James Barton was:
Samuel S. Hinds
Andy Beeler
Samuel S. Hinds was:
Marjorie Main
Granny Becky
Marjorie Main was:
Ward Bond
Wash Gibbs
Ward Bond was:
Marc Lawrence
Marc Lawrence was:
John Qualen
Coot Royal
John Qualen was:
Fuzzy Knight
Mr. Palestrom
Fuzzy Knight was:
Tom Fadden
Jim Lane
Tom Fadden was:
Olin Howland
Olin Howland was:
Dorothy Adams
Dorothy Adams was:
Virita Campbell
Virita Campbell was:
Fern Emmett
Mrs. Palestrom
Fern Emmett was:
Douglas Deems
Douglas Deems was:
C.E. Anderson
C.E. Anderson was:
Hank Bell
Man with Mustache
Hank Bell was:
Henry Brandon
Bald Knobber
Henry Brandon was:
Nora Bush
Nora Bush was:
Jim Corey
Bald Knobber
Jim Corey was:
William Haade
Bald Knobber
William Haade was:
John Harmon
Charles the Deputy
John Harmon was:
Selmer Jackson
Selmer Jackson was:
Carl Knowles
Carl Knowles was:
Bob Kortman
Bald Knobber
Bob Kortman was:
Ann Kunde
Mrs. Carmody - Townswoman
Ann Kunde was:
Charles Middleton
Charles Middleton was:
Glen Walters
Glen Walters was:
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