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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Honky Tonk

Honky Tonk

Release Date: 1941-10-01 (80 years ago)
Clark Gable
'Candy' Johnson
Clark Gable was:
Lana Turner
Elizabeth Cotton
Lana Turner was:
Frank Morgan
Judge Cotton
Frank Morgan was:
Claire Trevor
Claire Trevor was:
Marjorie Main
Mrs. Varner
Marjorie Main was:
Albert Dekker
Albert Dekker was:
Henry O'Neill
Henry O'Neill was:
Chill Wills
The Sniper
Chill Wills was:
Veda Ann Borg
Veda Ann Borg was:
Douglas Wood
Governor Wilson
Douglas Wood was:
Lew Harvey
Lew Harvey was:
Betty Blythe
Mrs. Wilson
Betty Blythe was:
Harry Worth
Harry Gates
Harry Worth was:
Erville Alderson
Man with Rail
Erville Alderson was:
Demetrius Alexis
Demetrius Alexis was:
Hooper Atchley
Sen. Ford
Hooper Atchley was:
Dorothy Ates
Dance Hall Girl
Dorothy Ates was:
King Baggot
King Baggot was:
Don Barclay
Man with Feathers
Don Barclay was:
Jack Baxley
Jack Baxley was:
Barbara Bedford
Salvation Army Woman
Barbara Bedford was:
Ed Brady
Ace - Waiter
Ed Brady was:
Al Bridge
Townsman at Meeting House
Al Bridge was:
Francis X. Bushman Jr.
Frank - Dealer #1
Francis X. Bushman Jr. was:
Jack Carr
Brazos' Henchman
Jack Carr was:
Ed Cassidy
Ed Cassidy was:
Tom Chatterton
Tom Chatterton was:
Cliff Clark
Dr. Otis
Cliff Clark was:
Heinie Conklin
Dental Patient
Heinie Conklin was:
Tommy Conlon
Dealer #3
Tommy Conlon was:
Dick Curtis
Tough Man on Train
Dick Curtis was:
Sheila Darcy
Sheila Darcy was:
Gordon De Main
Party Guest
Gordon De Main was:
Joe Devlin
Masher in Saloon
Joe Devlin was:
John Farrell
Man at Tar Party
John Farrell was:
Harry Fleischmann
Frank - Bartender
Harry Fleischmann was:
Bess Flowers
Governor's Wife
Bess Flowers was:
Dorothy Granger
Pearl - Saloon Girl
Dorothy Granger was:
Earl Gunn
Earl Gunn was:
William Haade
Heckler in Church
William Haade was:
Eddie Hall
Man in Bar Behind Johnson and Sniper
Eddie Hall was:
Edward Hearn
Poker Player on Train
Edward Hearn was:
Al Hill
Al Hill was:
Fay Holderness
Fay Holderness was:
Robert Homans
Man at Tar Party
Robert Homans was:
Payne B. Johnson
Western Boy
Payne B. Johnson was:
Jane Keckley
Jane Keckley was:
Lew Kelly
Lew Kelly was:
Cy Kendall
Man with Tar
Cy Kendall was:
Milton Kibbee
Hotel Desk Clerk
Milton Kibbee was:
George Lehrer
George Lehrer was:
Mitchell Lewis
Man #1 Agreeing with Candy
Mitchell Lewis was:
Louis Mason
Man with Candy's Gun at Tar Party
Louis Mason was:
John Maxwell
Dist. Atty. Kendall
John Maxwell was:
Charles McAvoy
Charles McAvoy was:
Art Miles
Dealer #2
Art Miles was:
Frank Mills
Man #2 Agreeing with Candy
Frank Mills was:
Howard M. Mitchell
Howard M. Mitchell was:
Monte Montague
Monte Montague was:
Philip Morris
Man on Train
Philip Morris was:
Esther Muir
Esther Muir was:
Horace Murphy
Jim - Candy's Butler
Horace Murphy was:
Paul Newlan
Paul Newlan was:
Frank O'Connor
Train Conductor #1
Frank O'Connor was:
Pat O'Malley
Party Guest
Pat O'Malley was:
Anne O'Neal
Anne O'Neal was:
Ted Oliver
Ted Oliver was:
William Pagan
William Pagan was:
Lee Phelps
Townsman at Meeting House
Lee Phelps was:
Alonzo Price
Alonzo Price was:
Henry Roquemore
Man #1 with Gun at Tar Party
Henry Roquemore was:
Dick Rush
Dick Rush was:
John Sheehan
John Sheehan was:
Lee Shumway
Lee Shumway was:
Philip Sleeman
Philip Sleeman was:
Jack C. Smith
Jack C. Smith was:
Carl Stockdale
Carl Stockdale was:
Charles Sullivan
Charles Sullivan was:
Elliott Sullivan
Candy's Man
Elliott Sullivan was:
Ray Teal
Poker Player on Train
Ray Teal was:
William Telaak
William Telaak was:
Malcolm Waite
Malcolm Waite was:
Morgan Wallace
Mayor Adams
Morgan Wallace was:
Eddy Waller
Fred - Train Conductor #2
Eddy Waller was:
Harry Wilson
Cowboy on Back of Train
Harry Wilson was:
Will Wright
Townsman at Meeting House
Will Wright was:
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