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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of The Seven Minutes

The Seven Minutes

Release Date: Friday, July 23 1971 (51 years ago)
Portrait of Wayne MaunderWayne Maunder
Mike Barrett
Wayne Maunder was:
Portrait of Marianne McAndrewMarianne McAndrew
Maggie Russell
Marianne McAndrew was:
Portrait of Philip CareyPhilip Carey
Elmo Duncan
Philip Carey was:
Portrait of Jay C. FlippenJay C. Flippen
Luther Yerkes
Jay C. Flippen was:
Portrait of Edy WilliamsEdy Williams
Faye Osborn
Edy Williams was:
Portrait of Yvonne De CarloYvonne De Carlo
Constance Cumberland
Yvonne De Carlo was:
Portrait of John CarradineJohn Carradine
Sean O'Flanagan
John Carradine was:
Portrait of Harold J. StoneHarold J. Stone
Judge Upshaw
Harold J. Stone was:
Portrait of Tom SelleckTom Selleck
Phil Sanford
Tom Selleck was:
Portrait of Stanley AdamsStanley Adams
Irwin Blair
Stanley Adams was:
Portrait of Yvonne D'AngersYvonne D'Angers
Sheri Moore
Yvonne D'Angers was:
Portrait of Jan ShutanJan Shutan
Anna Lou White
Jan Shutan was:
Portrait of Alexander D'ArcyAlexander D'Arcy
Christian Leroux
Alexander D'Arcy was:
Portrait of Berry KroegerBerry Kroeger
Paul Van Fleet
Berry Kroeger was:
Portrait of Charles NapierCharles Napier
Officer Iverson
Charles Napier was:
Portrait of Shawn DevereauxShawn Devereaux
Yerkes' Girlfriend
Shawn Devereaux was:
Portrait of Wolfman JackWolfman Jack
Wolfman Jack
Wolfman Jack was:
Portrait of John LawrenceJohn Lawrence
Howard Moore
John Lawrence was:
Portrait of Cal BartlettCal Bartlett
Olin Adams
Cal Bartlett was:
Portrait of Stuart LancasterStuart Lancaster
Dr. Roger Trimble
Stuart Lancaster was:
Portrait of Patrick WrightPatrick Wright
Patrick Wright was:
Portrait of Lillian LehmanLillian Lehman
Lillian Lehman was:
Portrait of Judith BaldwinJudith Baldwin
Fremont's Girlfriend
Judith Baldwin was:
Portrait of Uschi DigardUschi Digard
Woman with Gorilla (uncredited)
Uschi Digard was:
Portrait of Sally MarrSally Marr
Juror (uncredited)
Sally Marr was:
Portrait of Kay PetersKay Peters
Olivia St. Clair
Kay Peters was:
Portrait of John Anthony SarnoJohn Anthony Sarno
Jerry Griffith
John Anthony Sarno was:
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