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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Something for Joey

Something for Joey

Release Date: 1977-04-05 (45 years ago)
Portrait of Geraldine PageGeraldine Page
Ann Cappelletti
Geraldine Page was:
Portrait of Gerald S. O'LoughlinGerald S. O'Loughlin
John Cappelletti Sr
Gerald S. O'Loughlin was:
Portrait of Marc SingerMarc Singer
John Cappelletti
Marc Singer was:
Portrait of Jeff LynasJeff Lynas
Joey Cappelletti
Jeff Lynas was:
Portrait of Linda KelseyLinda Kelsey
Joyce Cappelletti, Narrator
Linda Kelsey was:
Portrait of Brian FarrellBrian Farrell
Marty Cappelletti
Brian Farrell was:
Portrait of Kathleen BellerKathleen Beller
Jean Cappelletti
Kathleen Beller was:
Portrait of Steve GuttenbergSteve Guttenberg
Mike Cappelletti
Steve Guttenberg was:
Portrait of Paul PicerniPaul Picerni
Joe Paterno
Paul Picerni was:
Portrait of Stephen ParrStephen Parr
Eddie O'Neil
Stephen Parr was:
Portrait of June DaytonJune Dayton
Mrs. Frome
June Dayton was:
Portrait of James KarenJames Karen
Dr. Wingreen
James Karen was:
Portrait of David GarfieldDavid Garfield
Dr. Klunick
David Garfield was:
Portrait of Kevin McKenzieKevin McKenzie
Kevin McKenzie was:
Portrait of Odessa ClevelandOdessa Cleveland
Odessa Cleveland was:
Portrait of Mel GallagherMel Gallagher
Mel Gallagher was:
Portrait of Joe GeorgeJoe George
Man at Practice #1
Joe George was:
Portrait of Ted NooseTed Noose
Man at Practice #2
Ted Noose was:
Portrait of Alan McRaeAlan McRae
Alan McRae was:
Portrait of Patrik BaldauffPatrik Baldauff
Patrik Baldauff was:
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