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Poster of Her Life as a Man

Her Life as a Man

Release Date: 1984-03-12 (38 years ago)
Portrait of Robyn DouglassRobyn Douglass
Carly Perkins
Robyn Douglass was:
Portrait of Marc SingerMarc Singer
Mark Rogers
Marc Singer was:
Portrait of Laraine NewmanLaraine Newman
Laraine Newman was:
Portrait of Miriam FlynnMiriam Flynn
Miriam Flynn was:
Portrait of Robert CulpRobert Culp
Dave Fleming
Robert Culp was:
Portrait of Joan CollinsJoan Collins
Pam Dugan
Joan Collins was:
Portrait of Anthony HollandAnthony Holland
Anthony Holland was:
Portrait of Patricia BarryPatricia Barry
Gloria Rogers
Patricia Barry was:
Portrait of Donald CampbellDonald Campbell
Police Officer
Donald Campbell was:
Portrait of Steve FogelSteve Fogel
Steve Fogel was:
Portrait of Dino GiganteDino Gigante
Dino Gigante was:
Portrait of Debbie GilbertDebbie Gilbert
Girl at Disco
Debbie Gilbert was:
Portrait of Loretta GreenwoodLoretta Greenwood
Girl at Personnel Office
Loretta Greenwood was:
Portrait of Bobby HoseaBobby Hosea
Football Player
Bobby Hosea was:
Portrait of Suze Lanier-BramlettSuze Lanier-Bramlett
Rosalee (as Suze Lanier)
Suze Lanier-Bramlett was:
Portrait of Francine LembiFrancine Lembi
Female Cabbie
Francine Lembi was:
Portrait of Blackie MarkbreiterlBlackie Markbreiterl
Blackie Markbreiterl was:
Portrait of Carol Lynn MithersCarol Lynn Mithers
Carol Lynn Mithers was:
Portrait of Paul NapierPaul Napier
Nat Rogers
Paul Napier was:
Portrait of Buckley NorrisBuckley Norris
Buckley Norris was:
Portrait of David PaymerDavid Paymer
David Paymer was:
Portrait of Anthony PeckAnthony Peck
Anthony Peck was:
Portrait of Carol PotterCarol Potter
Carol Potter was:
Portrait of Kathryn ReynoldsKathryn Reynolds
Kathryn Reynolds was:
Portrait of John RoseJohn Rose
John Rose was:
Portrait of Bill SantoroBill Santoro
Proper Waiter
Bill Santoro was:
Portrait of Stan SellsStan Sells
Stan Sells was:
Portrait of Sandy SimpsonSandy Simpson
Sandy Simpson was:
Portrait of Mark A. TolbertMark A. Tolbert
Football Player
Mark A. Tolbert was:
Portrait of Liz TorresLiz Torres
Liz Torres was:
Portrait of Mark WithersMark Withers
Mark Withers was:
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