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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Cyberzone


Release Date: 1995-11-14 (26 years ago)
Portrait of Marc SingerMarc Singer
Jack Ford
Marc Singer was:
Portrait of Matthias HuesMatthias Hues
Matthias Hues was:
Portrait of Rochelle SwansonRochelle Swanson
Beth Enright
Rochelle Swanson was:
Portrait of Robin ClarkeRobin Clarke
Charles Humberstone
Robin Clarke was:
Portrait of Kin ShrinerKin Shriner
Kin Shriner was:
Portrait of Cal BartlettCal Bartlett
Mr. Reginald
Cal Bartlett was:
Portrait of Robert QuarryRobert Quarry
Robert Quarry was:
Portrait of Ross HagenRoss Hagen
Ross Hagen was:
Portrait of Brinke StevensBrinke Stevens
Brinke Stevens was:
Portrait of Lorissa McComasLorissa McComas
Lorissa McComas was:
Portrait of Bob BraggBob Bragg
Thug #1
Bob Bragg was:
Portrait of Peter SpellosPeter Spellos
Peter Spellos was:
Portrait of Hoke HowellHoke Howell
Bum #1
Hoke Howell was:
Portrait of Richard GabaiRichard Gabai
Plant Worker
Richard Gabai was:
Portrait of Bianca RocililiBianca Rocilili
Pleasure Droid #3
Bianca Rocilili was:
Portrait of Fred Olen RayFred Olen Ray
Fighter Pilot #1
Fred Olen Ray was:
Portrait of Steve BarkettSteve Barkett
Fighter Pilot #2
Steve Barkett was:
Portrait of Greta CarlsonGreta Carlson
Captive Dancer
Greta Carlson was:
Portrait of Tammy ParksTammy Parks
Runaway Wife
Tammy Parks was:
Portrait of Joe CookJoe Cook
Killer Droid
Joe Cook was:
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