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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of A Man Called Sarge

A Man Called Sarge

Release Date: 1990-02-02 (32 years ago)
Portrait of Gary KroegerGary Kroeger
Gary Kroeger was:
Portrait of Gretchen GermanGretchen German
Gretchen German was:
Portrait of Marc SingerMarc Singer
Von Kraut
Marc Singer was:
Portrait of Jennifer RunyonJennifer Runyon
Fifi LaRue
Jennifer Runyon was:
Portrait of Andy GreenhalghAndy Greenhalgh
Andy Greenhalgh was:
Portrait of Michael MearsMichael Mears
Michael Mears was:
Portrait of Natasha LyonneNatasha Lyonne
Arab Girl
Natasha Lyonne was:
Portrait of Bobby Di CiccoBobby Di Cicco
Bobby Di Cicco was:
Portrait of Howard BusgangHoward Busgang
Howard Busgang was:
Portrait of Travis McKennaTravis McKenna
Billy Bob
Travis McKenna was:
Portrait of Andy BumataiAndy Bumatai
Andy Bumatai was:
Portrait of Chris EnglandChris England
Chris England was:
Portrait of Jeffry WickhamJeffry Wickham
Jeffry Wickham was:
Portrait of Peter DennisPeter Dennis
Peter Dennis was:
Portrait of Caitlyn JennerCaitlyn Jenner
Special Appearance
Caitlyn Jenner was:
Portrait of Yehuda EfroniYehuda Efroni
Father Bruce
Yehuda Efroni was:
Portrait of Aviva MarksAviva Marks
Sister Roxanne
Aviva Marks was:
Portrait of Lior HashinLior Hashin
Lior Hashin was:
Portrait of Zafrir KochanovskyZafrir Kochanovsky
Zafrir Kochanovsky was:
Portrait of Josef BeebyJosef Beeby
Von Kraut's Aide
Josef Beeby was:
Portrait of Tomer YosephTomer Yoseph
Arab Boy
Tomer Yoseph was:
Portrait of Alexander PelegAlexander Peleg
Gestapo Agent
Alexander Peleg was:
Portrait of Amikam LeviAmikam Levi
Amikam Levi was:
Portrait of Yuval VillYuval Vill
Yuval Vill was:
Portrait of Gabi ShoshanGabi Shoshan
Murray, the Pumpman
Gabi Shoshan was:
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