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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Dead Pool

The Dead Pool

Release Date: 1988-04-14 (33 years ago)
Clint Eastwood
Insp. Harry Callahan
Clint Eastwood was:
Patricia Clarkson
Samantha Walker
Patricia Clarkson was:
Liam Neeson
Peter Swan
Liam Neeson was:
Evan C. Kim
Insp. Al Quan
Evan C. Kim was:
Jim Carrey
Johnny Squares
Jim Carrey was:
David Hunt
Harlan Rook / Ed Butler
David Hunt was:
Michael Currie
Capt. Donnelly
Michael Currie was:
Ronnie Claire Edwards
Molly Fisher
Ronnie Claire Edwards was:
Michael Goodwin
Lt. Ackerman
Michael Goodwin was:
Darwin Gillett
Patrick Snow
Darwin Gillett was:
Christopher P. Beale
Dist. Atty. Thomas McSherry
Christopher P. Beale was:
John Allen Vick
Lt. Ruskowski
John Allen Vick was:
Jeff Richmond
Freeway Reporter #1
Jeff Richmond was:
Patrick N. Van Horn
Freeway Reporter #2
Patrick N. Van Horn was:
Sigrid Wurschmidt
Freeway Reporter #3
Sigrid Wurschmidt was:
Justin Whalin
Justin Whalin was:
Anthony Charnota
Lou Janero
Anthony Charnota was:
Kristopher Logan
Gunman #1
Kristopher Logan was:
Shawn Elliott
Chester Docksteder
Shawn Elliott was:
Louis Giambalvo
Gus Wheeler
Louis Giambalvo was:
Bill Wattenburg
Nolan Kinnard
Bill Wattenburg was:
Lloyd Nelson
Sgt. Waldman
Lloyd Nelson was:
George Orrison
Embarcadero Bodyguard #1
George Orrison was:
Marc Alaimo
Embarcadero Bodyguard #2
Marc Alaimo was:
Musician at Funeral (uncredited)
Slash was:
W. Axl Rose
Musician at Funeral (uncredited)
W. Axl Rose was:
Izzy Stradlin
Musician at Funeral (uncredited)
Izzy Stradlin was:
Duff McKagan
Musician at Funeral (uncredited)
Duff McKagan was:
Steven Adler
Musician at Funeral (uncredited)
Steven Adler was:
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