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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Helter Skelter

Helter Skelter

Release Date: 1976-04-01 (45 years ago)
George DiCenzo
Vincent Bugliosi
George DiCenzo was:
Steve Railsback
Charles Manson
Steve Railsback was:
Nancy Wolfe
Susan Atkins
Nancy Wolfe was:
Marilyn Burns
Linda Kasabian
Marilyn Burns was:
Christina Hart
Patricia Krenwinkel
Christina Hart was:
Cathey Paine
Leslie Van Houten
Cathey Paine was:
Alan Oppenheimer
Aaron Stovitz
Alan Oppenheimer was:
Rudy Ramos
Danny DeCarlo
Rudy Ramos was:
Sondra Blake
Ronnie Howard
Sondra Blake was:
George Garro
George Garro was:
Larry Pennell
Sgt. White
Larry Pennell was:
Skip Homeier
Judge Older
Skip Homeier was:
Robert Ito
Drees Darrin
Robert Ito was:
Jon Gries
William Garretson
Jon Gries was:
Roy Jenson
Roy Jenson was:
Edward Bell
Sgt. Hank Kruger
Edward Bell was:
Marc Alaimo
Phil Cohen
Marc Alaimo was:
Paul Mantee
Sgt. O'Neal
Paul Mantee was:
David Clennon
Harry Jones
David Clennon was:
Eileen Dietz
Family Girl
Eileen Dietz was:
Sondra Lowell
Family Girl
Sondra Lowell was:
Linden Chiles
J. Miller Leavy
Linden Chiles was:
Carole Ita White
Big Sal
Carole Ita White was:
Doug McGrath
Doug McGrath was:
Sidney Clute
Sidney Clute was:
Bruce French
Officer Ocher
Bruce French was:
Jonathan Goldsmith
Hank Charter
Jonathan Goldsmith was:
Rod Arrants
Bart Listen
Rod Arrants was:
John Furlong
Judge Dell
John Furlong was:
Read Morgan
Officer Columbine
Read Morgan was:
Cal Haynes
Cal Haynes was:
Bart Braverman
George Brewer (uncredited)
Bart Braverman was:
Stack Pierce
Bailiff Joe (uncredited)
Stack Pierce was:
Bert Williams
Bert Williams was:
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