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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Return to Mayberry

Return to Mayberry

Release Date: Sunday, April 13 1986 (36 years ago)
Portrait of Andy GriffithAndy Griffith
Andy Taylor
Andy Griffith was:
Portrait of Ron HowardRon Howard
Opie Taylor
Ron Howard was:
Portrait of Don KnottsDon Knotts
Barney Fife
Don Knotts was:
Portrait of Jim NaborsJim Nabors
Gomer Pyle
Jim Nabors was:
Portrait of Hal SmithHal Smith
Otis Campbell
Hal Smith was:
Portrait of Janet WaldoJanet Waldo
Amanda / Aunt Bee (voice) (uncredited)
Janet Waldo was:
Portrait of Aneta CorsautAneta Corsaut
Helen Crump Taylor
Aneta Corsaut was:
Portrait of Jack DodsonJack Dodson
Howard Sprague
Jack Dodson was:
Portrait of George LindseyGeorge Lindsey
Goober Pyle
George Lindsey was:
Portrait of Betty LynnBetty Lynn
Thelma Lou
Betty Lynn was:
Portrait of Howard MorrisHoward Morris
Ernest T. Bass
Howard Morris was:
Portrait of Maggie MancusoMaggie Mancuso
Charlene Darling
Maggie Mancuso was:
Portrait of Denver PyleDenver Pyle
Briscoe Darling
Denver Pyle was:
Portrait of Rodney DillardRodney Dillard
Rodney Darling
Rodney Dillard was:
Portrait of Doug DillardDoug Dillard
Doug Darling
Doug Dillard was:
Portrait of Mitch JayneMitch Jayne
Mitch Darling
Mitch Jayne was:
Portrait of Dean WebbDean Webb
Dean Darling
Dean Webb was:
Portrait of Richard LinebackRichard Lineback
Wally Butler
Richard Lineback was:
Portrait of Karlene CrockettKarlene Crockett
Eunice Taylor
Karlene Crockett was:
Portrait of Allen WilliamsAllen Williams
Lloyd Fox
Allen Williams was:
Portrait of Paul WillsonPaul Willson
Ben Woods
Paul Willson was:
Portrait of Rance HowardRance Howard
Rance Howard was:
Portrait of Robert BroylesRobert Broyles
Robert Broyles was:
Portrait of Karen KnottsKaren Knotts
Opie's Receptionist
Karen Knotts was:
Portrait of Maggie PetersonMaggie Peterson
Charlene Darling (as Maggie Peterson-Mancuso)
Maggie Peterson was:
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