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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Dreamscape


Release Date: Wednesday, August 15 1984 (37 years ago)
Portrait of Dennis QuaidDennis Quaid
Alex Gardner
Dennis Quaid was:
Portrait of Max von SydowMax von Sydow
Doctor Paul Novotny
Max von Sydow was:
Portrait of Christopher PlummerChristopher Plummer
Bob Blair
Christopher Plummer was:
Portrait of Eddie AlbertEddie Albert
The President
Eddie Albert was:
Portrait of Kate CapshawKate Capshaw
Jane DeVries
Kate Capshaw was:
Portrait of David Patrick KellyDavid Patrick Kelly
Tommy Ray Glatman
David Patrick Kelly was:
Portrait of George WendtGeorge Wendt
Charlie Prince
George Wendt was:
Portrait of Larry GelmanLarry Gelman
Mr. Webber
Larry Gelman was:
Portrait of Cory 'Bumper' YothersCory 'Bumper' Yothers
Cory 'Bumper' Yothers was:
Portrait of Redmond GleesonRedmond Gleeson
Redmond Gleeson was:
Portrait of Peter JasonPeter Jason
Peter Jason was:
Portrait of Chris MulkeyChris Mulkey
Chris Mulkey was:
Portrait of Jana TaylorJana Taylor
Mrs. Webber
Jana Taylor was:
Portrait of Madison MasonMadison Mason
Fred Schoenstein
Madison Mason was:
Portrait of Kendall Carly BrowneKendall Carly Browne
Mrs. Matusik
Kendall Carly Browne was:
Portrait of Kate CharlesonKate Charleson
President's Daughter
Kate Charleson was:
Portrait of Eric GoldEric Gold
Tommy Ray's Father
Eric Gold was:
Portrait of Virginia KiserVirginia Kiser
President's Wife
Virginia Kiser was:
Portrait of Carl StranoCarl Strano
Edward Simms
Carl Strano was:
Portrait of Brian LibbyBrian Libby
Brian Libby was:
Portrait of Bob TerhuneBob Terhune
Bob Terhune was:
Portrait of Fred WaughFred Waugh
Bill Hardy
Fred Waugh was:
Portrait of Timothy BlakeTimothy Blake
Mrs. Blair
Timothy Blake was:
Portrait of Carey FoxCarey Fox
Tech Aide #1
Carey Fox was:
Portrait of Marii MakMarii Mak
Tech Aide #2
Marii Mak was:
Portrait of Claudia LoweClaudia Lowe
Tech Aide #3
Claudia Lowe was:
Portrait of Anna ChavezAnna Chavez
Anna Chavez was:
Portrait of Ben KronenBen Kronen
Train Conductor
Ben Kronen was:
Portrait of John MaloneJohn Malone
Trolley Conductor
John Malone was:
Portrait of Mindi IdenMindi Iden
Mindi Iden was:
Portrait of Betty KeanBetty Kean
Betty Kean was:
Portrait of Trent DolanTrent Dolan
Desk Guard
Trent Dolan was:
Portrait of Andrew BoyerAndrew Boyer
Webber's Brother
Andrew Boyer was:
Portrait of George CaldwellGeorge Caldwell
Buddy's Father
George Caldwell was:
Portrait of Ernest HaradaErnest Harada
Ernest Harada was:
Portrait of Tina GreenbergTina Greenberg
Tina Greenberg was:
Portrait of Alan BuchdahlAlan Buchdahl
Track Announcer
Alan Buchdahl was:
Portrait of Larry CedarLarry Cedar
The Snakeman
Larry Cedar was:
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