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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Murder, Inc.

Murder, Inc.

Release Date: Tuesday, June 28 1960 (62 years ago)
Portrait of Stuart WhitmanStuart Whitman
Joey Collins
Stuart Whitman was:
Portrait of May BrittMay Britt
Eadie Collins
May Britt was:
Portrait of Peter FalkPeter Falk
Abe Reles
Peter Falk was:
Portrait of Henry MorganHenry Morgan
Burton Turkus
Henry Morgan was:
Portrait of Simon OaklandSimon Oakland
William Tobin
Simon Oakland was:
Portrait of David J. StewartDavid J. Stewart
Louis "Lepke" Bucholter
David J. Stewart was:
Portrait of Sarah VaughanSarah Vaughan
Sarah Vaughan was:
Portrait of Morey AmsterdamMorey Amsterdam
Walter Sage
Morey Amsterdam was:
Portrait of Eli MintzEli Mintz
Joe Rosen
Eli Mintz was:
Portrait of Joseph BernardJoseph Bernard
Mendy Weiss
Joseph Bernard was:
Portrait of Warren FinnertyWarren Finnerty
Bug Workman
Warren Finnerty was:
Portrait of Vincent GardeniaVincent Gardenia
Vincent Gardenia was:
Portrait of Helen WatersHelen Waters
Rose Corsi
Helen Waters was:
Portrait of Leon B. StevensLeon B. Stevens
Leon B. Stevens was:
Portrait of Howard SmithHoward Smith
Albert Anastasia
Howard Smith was:
Portrait of Sylvia MilesSylvia Miles
Sylvia Miles was:
Portrait of Josip ElicJosip Elic
Josip Elic was:
Portrait of Lou PolanLou Polan
Lou Polan was:
Portrait of Dorothy StinnetteDorothy Stinnette
Betty Shaw
Dorothy Stinnette was:
Portrait of Bill BassettBill Bassett
Eadie's Killer
Bill Bassett was:
Portrait of Barbara WilkinBarbara Wilkin
Receptionist (uncredited)
Barbara Wilkin was:
Portrait of Seymour CasselSeymour Cassel
Teenager (uncredited)
Seymour Cassel was:
Portrait of Diane LaddDiane Ladd
Showgirl (uncredited)
Diane Ladd was:
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