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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Deadly Illusions

Deadly Illusions

Release Date: 2021-03-18 (0 years ago)
Kristin Davis
Mary Morrison
Kristin Davis was:
Dermot Mulroney
Tom Morrison
Dermot Mulroney was:
Shanola Hampton
Shanola Hampton was:
Lora Martinez-Cunningham
Andrea Miller
Lora Martinez-Cunningham was:
Greer Grammer
Greer Grammer was:
Grayson Berry
Detective Newheart
Grayson Berry was:
Marie Wagenman
Alexandra Morrison
Marie Wagenman was:
Olivia Taylor
Nanny #3
Olivia Taylor was:
Jean Effron
Jean Effron was:
Ellen Humphreys
Angela Huntsman
Ellen Humphreys was:
Esodie Geiger
Detective #1
Esodie Geiger was:
Alexandra Fabbri
Key Background
Alexandra Fabbri was:
Melissa Chambers
Aunt Lotty
Melissa Chambers was:
Shylo Molina
Sam Morrison
Shylo Molina was:
Amber Pohl
Detective #2
Amber Pohl was:
Julia Flores
Young Woman #1
Julia Flores was:
Ines France Ware
Nanny #1
Ines France Ware was:
Kay Torres
Nanny #2
Kay Torres was:
Shaun Wu
Kioki Mitsutashi
Shaun Wu was:
Emily Isabella Peck
Nanny #6
Emily Isabella Peck was:
Claire Mackenzie Carter
Cafe Server #2
Claire Mackenzie Carter was:
Abella Bala
Abella Bala was:
Cajardo Lindsey
Cajardo Lindsey was:
Josh Horton
Café Server
Josh Horton was:
David John Kernick
Gotham Executive
David John Kernick was:
Ayla Jane McFall
Young Grace
Ayla Jane McFall was:
Bryce Gordon
Grace's Brother
Bryce Gordon was:
Devon Richardson
Devon Richardson was:
Alison Grainger
Hospital Receptionist
Alison Grainger was:
Ema Matthews
Store Clerk
Ema Matthews was:
Ashe Medina
Nanny #5
Ashe Medina was:
Darius Eteeyan
Boy in playroom
Darius Eteeyan was:
Elijah Wallace
Singing Child in Playroom
Elijah Wallace was:
Kimberly Ding
Key Background
Kimberly Ding was:
Emily Goodwin
Young Woman #2
Emily Goodwin was:
Eden McMillin
Girl in Playroom
Eden McMillin was:
Gabe Baca
Recital attendee (uncredited)
Gabe Baca was:
Ruben Barela
Police Officer (uncredited)
Ruben Barela was:
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