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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Zama


Release Date: Thursday, September 28 2017 (4 years ago)
Portrait of Daniel Giménez CachoDaniel Giménez Cacho
Don Diego de Zama
Daniel Giménez Cacho was:
Portrait of Lola DueñasLola Dueñas
Luciana Piñares de Luenga
Lola Dueñas was:
Portrait of Matheus NachtergaeleMatheus Nachtergaele
Vicuña Porto / Gaspar Toledo
Matheus Nachtergaele was:
Portrait of Juan MinujínJuan Minujín
Ventura Prieto
Juan Minujín was:
Portrait of Nahuel CanoNahuel Cano
Manuel Fernández
Nahuel Cano was:
Portrait of Mariana NunesMariana Nunes
Mariana Nunes was:
Portrait of Carlos DefeoCarlos Defeo
El Oriental
Carlos Defeo was:
Portrait of Rafael SpregelburdRafael Spregelburd
Capitán Hipólito Parrilla
Rafael Spregelburd was:
Portrait of Daniel VeroneseDaniel Veronese
Gobernador II
Daniel Veronese was:
Portrait of Germán de SilvaGermán de Silva
Germán de Silva was:
Portrait of Willy LemosWilly Lemos
Willy Lemos was:
Portrait of Vando VillamilVando Villamil
Ministro Contador
Vando Villamil was:
Portrait of Marcelo SeinMarcelo Sein
Marcelo Sein was:
Portrait of Gustavo BöhmGustavo Böhm
Gobernador I
Gustavo Böhm was:
Portrait of Massamba SeyeMassamba Seye
Mensajero I
Massamba Seye was:
Portrait of Edgar AcostaEdgar Acosta
Edgar Acosta was:
Portrait of Ricardo MerkinRicardo Merkin
Ricardo Merkin was:
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