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Poster of A Princess for Christmas

A Princess for Christmas

Release Date: Saturday, December 3 2011 (10 years ago)
Portrait of Katie McGrathKatie McGrath
Jules Daly
Katie McGrath was:
Portrait of Sam HeughanSam Heughan
Ashton Prince of Castlebury
Sam Heughan was:
Portrait of Miles RichardsonMiles Richardson
Paisley Winterbottom
Miles Richardson was:
Portrait of Charlotte SaltCharlotte Salt
Lady Arabella Marchand du Belmont
Charlotte Salt was:
Portrait of Travis TurnerTravis Turner
Milo Huntington
Travis Turner was:
Portrait of Leilah de MezaLeilah de Meza
Maddie Huntington
Leilah de Meza was:
Portrait of Roger MooreRoger Moore
Edward Duke of Castlebury
Roger Moore was:
Portrait of Răzvan OpreaRăzvan Oprea
Lord Thomas Belmont
Răzvan Oprea was:
Portrait of Oxana MoravecOxana Moravec
Mrs. Birch
Oxana Moravec was:
Portrait of Alan O'SilvaAlan O'Silva
Alan O'Silva was:
Portrait of Madalina AneaMadalina Anea
Madalina Anea was:
Portrait of Razvan CiuraruRazvan Ciuraru
Razvan Ciuraru was:
Portrait of Olivia KrevoyOlivia Krevoy
Olivia Krevoy was:
Portrait of Tristam ThomasTristam Thomas
Tristam Thomas was:
Portrait of Maria JunghetuMaria Junghetu
Mrs. Kelly
Maria Junghetu was:
Portrait of Florin BusuiocFlorin Busuioc
Duke of Belmont
Florin Busuioc was:
Portrait of Mărioara SterianMărioara Sterian
Duchess of Belmont
Mărioara Sterian was:
Portrait of Tamara PopescuTamara Popescu
Sister Agatha
Tamara Popescu was:
Portrait of Matei ColteanuMatei Colteanu
Matei Colteanu was:
Portrait of Susie BelzbergSusie Belzberg
Antique Shop Customer
Susie Belzberg was:
Portrait of Constantin FlorescuConstantin Florescu
Constantin Florescu was:
Portrait of Letitia RosculetLetitia Rosculet
Antique Shop Mother
Letitia Rosculet was:
Portrait of Alexa MogosdanAlexa Mogosdan
Ballet Instructor
Alexa Mogosdan was:
Portrait of Alex PurjeAlex Purje
Guitar Instructor
Alex Purje was:
Portrait of Lucian ArbanasuLucian Arbanasu
Lord Mumford
Lucian Arbanasu was:
Portrait of Matilda DobrinMatilda Dobrin
Lady Mumford
Matilda Dobrin was:
Portrait of Ramona DobrinRamona Dobrin
Countess Lilyhook
Ramona Dobrin was:
Portrait of Anca VarlanAnca Varlan
Bunny McCracken
Anca Varlan was:
Portrait of Iovu CostelIovu Costel
Father Christmas
Iovu Costel was:
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