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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in



Release Date: 2007-03-02 (14 years ago)
Jake Gyllenhaal
Robert Graysmith
Jake Gyllenhaal was:
Mark Ruffalo
Dave Toschi
Mark Ruffalo was:
Robert Downey Jr.
Paul Avery
Robert Downey Jr. was:
Anthony Edwards
Bill Armstrong
Anthony Edwards was:
Chloë Sevigny
Chloë Sevigny was:
Brian Cox
Melvin Belli
Brian Cox was:
John Carroll Lynch
Arthur Leigh Allen
John Carroll Lynch was:
Elias Koteas
Jack Mulanax
Elias Koteas was:
Dermot Mulroney
Captain Martin Lee
Dermot Mulroney was:
John Getz
Templeton Peck
John Getz was:
John Terry
Charles Thieriot
John Terry was:
Donal Logue
Captain Ken Narlow
Donal Logue was:
Adam Goldberg
Duffy Jennings
Adam Goldberg was:
Richmond Arquette
Zodiac 1 / Zodiac 2
Richmond Arquette was:
Bob Stephenson
Zodiac 3
Bob Stephenson was:
John Lacy
Zodiac 4
John Lacy was:
Ed Setrakian
Al Hyman
Ed Setrakian was:
Candy Clark
Carol Fisher
Candy Clark was:
June Diane Raphael
Mrs. Toschi
June Diane Raphael was:
Ciara Hughes
Darlene Ferrin
Ciara Hughes was:
Clea DuVall
Linda del Buono
Clea DuVall was:
Lee Norris
Young Mike Mageau
Lee Norris was:
Jimmi Simpson
Mike Mageau
Jimmi Simpson was:
James Le Gros
Officer George Bawart
James Le Gros was:
Philip Baker Hall
Sherwood Morrill
Philip Baker Hall was:
Patrick Scott Lewis
Bryan Hartnell
Patrick Scott Lewis was:
Pell James
Cecilia Shepard
Pell James was:
David Lee Smith
David Lee Smith was:
Jason Wiles
Lab Tech Dagitz
Jason Wiles was:
Charles Schneider
Cabbie / Paul Stine
Charles Schneider was:
James Carraway
James Carraway was:
Tom Verica
Jim Dunbar
Tom Verica was:
Doan Ly
Belli's Housekeeper
Doan Ly was:
Karina Logue
Karina Logue was:
Joel Bissonnette
Inspector Kracke
Joel Bissonnette was:
Zach Grenier
Mel Nicolai
Zach Grenier was:
John Mahon
Riverside Captain
John Mahon was:
Matt Winston
John Allen
Matt Winston was:
Jules Bruff
Catherine Allen
Jules Bruff was:
John Ennis
Terry Pascoe
John Ennis was:
J. Patrick McCormack
Police Commissioner
J. Patrick McCormack was:
Charles Fleischer
Bob Vaughn
Charles Fleischer was:
Paul Schulze
Sandy Panzarella
Paul Schulze was:
Adam Trese
Detective #1
Adam Trese was:
Penny Wallace
Mulanax's Secretary
Penny Wallace was:
John Hemphill
Donald Cheney
John Hemphill was:
Michel Francoeur
Man on Marquee
Michel Francoeur was:
Thomas Kopache
Copy Editor #1
Thomas Kopache was:
Barry Livingston
Copy Editor #3
Barry Livingston was:
Christopher John Fields
Copy Editor #4
Christopher John Fields was:
Stanley B. Herman
Staff Editor
Stanley B. Herman was:
Ione Skye
Kathleen Johns
Ione Skye was:
Brett Rickaby
Detective Roy (uncredited)
Brett Rickaby was:
Micah Sauers
David Graysmith (uncredited)
Micah Sauers was:
Hayati Akbas
Hardware Store Customer (uncredited)
Hayati Akbas was:
David Winston Barge
Vallejo Desk Ofiicer (uncredited)
David Winston Barge was:
Geoff Callan
Patrolman Zelms (uncredited)
Geoff Callan was:
Brad Carr
Camera Man (uncredited)
Brad Carr was:
JD Cullum
Director (uncredited)
JD Cullum was:
Rod Damer
FBI Codebreaker (uncredited)
Rod Damer was:
Judith Drake
Florence Douglas (uncredited)
Judith Drake was:
Mitchell Fink
Reporter (uncredited)
Mitchell Fink was:
Erica Ford
Traveler (uncredited)
Erica Ford was:
Ted Garcia
Anchorman (uncredited)
Ted Garcia was:
Gloria Grant
Bettye Harden (uncredited)
Gloria Grant was:
Tish Hicks
Informant (uncredited)
Tish Hicks was:
Phoebe Holston
Prison Guard (uncredited)
Phoebe Holston was:
Michael Hungerford
Truck Driver (uncredited)
Michael Hungerford was:
Janis Jones
Police Receptionist (uncredited)
Janis Jones was:
Roy Lee Jones
Distraught African American Male (uncredited)
Roy Lee Jones was:
Anna Katarina
Society Woman (uncredited)
Anna Katarina was:
Marty Lodge
Pinole Foreman (uncredited)
Marty Lodge was:
Danielle McKee
Prisoner (uncredited)
Danielle McKee was:
Cazimir Milostan
Internal Affairs Agent (uncredited)
Cazimir Milostan was:
Betty Murphy
Informant (uncredited)
Betty Murphy was:
Dave Nemeth
Newscaster (uncredited)
Dave Nemeth was:
Derris Nile
Office Worker (uncredited)
Derris Nile was:
James Joseph O'Neil
DOD Project Leader (uncredited)
James Joseph O'Neil was:
Jeff Daniel Phillips
Informant (uncredited)
Jeff Daniel Phillips was:
Carmen Plumb
Janie (uncredited)
Carmen Plumb was:
Peter Quartaroli
Patrolman Fouke (uncredited)
Peter Quartaroli was:
Michael Rose
Navy Project Leader (uncredited)
Michael Rose was:
Jack Samson
Young David Graysmith (uncredited)
Jack Samson was:
Zachary Sauers
Aaron Graysmith (uncredited)
Zachary Sauers was:
Bill Seward
TV News Anchor (uncredited)
Bill Seward was:
Callie Thompson
Child Witness (uncredited)
Callie Thompson was:
Cooper Thornton
Internal Affairs Agent (uncredited)
Cooper Thornton was:
Cassius Willis
Uniform Cop (uncredited)
Cassius Willis was:
Shane Woodson
Informant (uncredited)
Shane Woodson was:
Cabran E. Chamberlain
Pedestrian (uncredited)
Cabran E. Chamberlain was:
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