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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Exorcist

The Exorcist

Release Date: 1973-05-31 (48 years ago)
Ellen Burstyn
Chris MacNeil
Ellen Burstyn was:
Linda Blair
Regan Teresa MacNeil
Linda Blair was:
Max von Sydow
Father Lankester Merrin
Max von Sydow was:
Lee J. Cobb
Lt. William F. Kinderman
Lee J. Cobb was:
Kitty Winn
Sharon Spencer
Kitty Winn was:
Jack MacGowran
Burke Dennings
Jack MacGowran was:
Jason Miller
Father Damien Karras
Jason Miller was:
William O'Malley
Father Joseph Dyer
William O'Malley was:
Barton Heyman
Dr. Samuel Klein
Barton Heyman was:
Peter Masterson
Dr. Barringer
Peter Masterson was:
Rudolf Schündler
Rudolf Schündler was:
Gina Petrushka
Gina Petrushka was:
Robert Symonds
Dr. Taney
Robert Symonds was:
Arthur Storch
Arthur Storch was:
Thomas Bermingham
Thomas Bermingham was:
Vasiliki Maliaros
Mary Karras
Vasiliki Maliaros was:
Titos Vandis
Uncle John
Titos Vandis was:
John Mahon
Language Lab Director
John Mahon was:
Wallace Rooney
Bishop Michael
Wallace Rooney was:
Ron Faber
Chuck / Demon (voice)
Ron Faber was:
Donna Mitchell
Mary Jo Perrin
Donna Mitchell was:
Roy Cooper
Jesuit Dean
Roy Cooper was:
Robert Gerringer
Senator at Party
Robert Gerringer was:
Mercedes McCambridge
Demon (voice)
Mercedes McCambridge was:
Paul Bateson
Radiologist's Assistant (uncredited)
Paul Bateson was:
Elinore Blair
Nurse (uncredited)
Elinore Blair was:
William Peter Blatty
The Producer (uncredited)
William Peter Blatty was:
Mary Boylan
First Mental Patient (uncredited)
Mary Boylan was:
Dick Callinan
Astronaut (uncredited)
Dick Callinan was:
Mason Curry
Doctor (voice) (uncredited)
Mason Curry was:
Toni Darnay
Violent psychotic patient (uncredited)
Toni Darnay was:
Eileen Dietz
Demon / Regan Double (uncredited)
Eileen Dietz was:
Joanne Dusseau
Senator's Wife (uncredited)
Joanne Dusseau was:
Bernard Eismann
Minor Role (uncredited)
Bernard Eismann was:
Beatrice Hunter
Minor Role (uncredited)
Beatrice Hunter was:
Yvonne Jones
Bellevue Nurse (uncredited)
Yvonne Jones was:
Don LaBonte
Minor Role (uncredited)
Don LaBonte was:
Barton Lane
Angiography Doctor (uncredited)
Barton Lane was:
Ann Miles
Spiderwalk (uncredited)
Ann Miles was:
John Nicola
Priest (uncredited)
John Nicola was:
Vincent Russell
Subway Vagrant (uncredited)
Vincent Russell was:
Gerard F. Yates
Priest Singing Around Piano at Party (uncredited)
Gerard F. Yates was:
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