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Release Date: 1971-03-11 (50 years ago)
Burt Lancaster
Bannock Marshal Jared Maddox
Burt Lancaster was:
Robert Ryan
Sabbath Marshal Cotton Ryan
Robert Ryan was:
Lee J. Cobb
Vincent Bronson
Lee J. Cobb was:
Robert Duvall
Vernon Adams
Robert Duvall was:
Sheree North
Laura Shelby
Sheree North was:
Albert Salmi
Harvey Stenbaugh
Albert Salmi was:
Richard Jordan
Crowe Wheelwright
Richard Jordan was:
John McGiver
Sabbath Mayor Sam Bolden
John McGiver was:
Ralph Waite
Jack Dekker
Ralph Waite was:
John Beck
Jason Bronson
John Beck was:
William Watson
Choctaw Lee (as William C. Watson)
William Watson was:
Walter Brooke
Luther Harris
Walter Brooke was:
Robert Emhardt
Robert Emhardt was:
Charles Tyner
Charles Tyner was:
J.D. Cannon
Hurd Price
J.D. Cannon was:
Lou Frizzell
Lou Frizzell was:
Richard Bull
Richard Bull was:
John Hillerman
John Hillerman was:
Roy Engel
Roy Engel was:
Jan Burrell
Jan Burrell was:
Madeleine Taylor Holmes
Madeleine Taylor Holmes was:
Hugh McDermott
L.G. Moss
Hugh McDermott was:
Joyce Perry
Widow Corman
Joyce Perry was:
Joseph Wiseman
Joseph Wiseman was:
Wilford Brimley
Marc Corman (uncredited)
Wilford Brimley was:
Laila Novak
Saloon Girl (uncredited)
Laila Novak was:
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