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Release Date: 1947-02-28 (74 years ago)
Dana Andrews
State's Attorney Henry L. Harvey
Dana Andrews was:
Jane Wyatt
Madge Harvey
Jane Wyatt was:
Lee J. Cobb
Chief Harold F. 'Robbie' Robinson
Lee J. Cobb was:
Cara Williams
Irene Nelson
Cara Williams was:
Arthur Kennedy
John Waldron
Arthur Kennedy was:
Sam Levene
Morning Record's Reporter Dave Woods
Sam Levene was:
Taylor Holmes
T.M. Wade
Taylor Holmes was:
Robert Keith
'Mac' McCreery
Robert Keith was:
Ed Begley
Paul Harris
Ed Begley was:
Philip Coolidge
Jim Crossman (uncredited)
Philip Coolidge was:
Bert Freed
Herron, a Man in Alley Mob (uncredited)
Bert Freed was:
Reed Hadley
Off-Screen Narrator (voice) (uncredited)
Reed Hadley was:
Brian Keith
Man in Mob Behind Courthouse (uncredited)
Brian Keith was:
Karl Malden
Det. Lt. White (uncredited)
Karl Malden was:
Arthur Miller
Line-Up Suspect (uncredited)
Arthur Miller was:
Leona Roberts
Mrs. Crossman (uncredited)
Leona Roberts was:
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