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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Kaos


Release Date: Friday, November 23 1984 (37 years ago)
Portrait of Franco FranchiFranco Franchi
Zi' Dima (segment "La giara")
Franco Franchi was:
Portrait of Ciccio IngrassiaCiccio Ingrassia
Don Lollò (segment "La giara")
Ciccio Ingrassia was:
Portrait of Omero AntonuttiOmero Antonutti
Luigi Pirandello (segment "Colloquio con la madre")
Omero Antonutti was:
Portrait of Claudio BigagliClaudio Bigagli
Batà (segment "Mal di luna")
Claudio Bigagli was:
Portrait of Massimo BonettiMassimo Bonetti
Saro (segments "Mal di luna" and "Colloquio con la madre")
Massimo Bonetti was:
Portrait of Margarita LozanoMargarita Lozano
Mariagrazia (segment "L'altro figlio")
Margarita Lozano was:
Portrait of Orazio TorrisiOrazio Torrisi
Comizzi (segment "L'altro figlio")
Orazio Torrisi was:
Portrait of Carlo CartierCarlo Cartier
The Young Doctor (segment "L'altro figlio")
Carlo Cartier was:
Portrait of Biagio BaroneBiagio Barone
Salvatore (segment "Requiem")
Biagio Barone was:
Portrait of Laura MollicaLaura Mollica
The girl / Francesca (segments "L'altro figlio" and "Requiem")
Laura Mollica was:
Portrait of Giovanni MarsalaGiovanni Marsala
Jeli (segment "La giara")
Giovanni Marsala was:
Portrait of Enrica Maria ModugnoEnrica Maria Modugno
Sidora (segment "Mal di luna")
Enrica Maria Modugno was:
Portrait of Regina BianchiRegina Bianchi
Mother of Pirandello (segment "Colloquio con la madre")
Regina Bianchi was:
Portrait of Tony SperandeoTony Sperandeo
Tony Sperandeo was:
Portrait of Domenico GennaroDomenico Gennaro
Domenico Gennaro was:
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