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Poster of The Case of the Hillside Stranglers

The Case of the Hillside Stranglers

Release Date: Sunday, April 2 1989 (33 years ago)
Portrait of Richard CrennaRichard Crenna
Sgt. Bob Grogan
Richard Crenna was:
Portrait of Dennis FarinaDennis Farina
Angelo Buono
Dennis Farina was:
Portrait of Billy ZaneBilly Zane
Kenneth Bianchi
Billy Zane was:
Portrait of Tony PlanaTony Plana
Mike Hernandez
Tony Plana was:
Portrait of James TolkanJames Tolkan
Lt. Ed Henderson
James Tolkan was:
Portrait of Karen AustinKaren Austin
J.D. Jackson
Karen Austin was:
Portrait of Matthew FaisonMatthew Faison
Judge George
Matthew Faison was:
Portrait of Robert HarperRobert Harper
Los Angeles Deputy D.A. Richard Carson
Robert Harper was:
Portrait of William BassettWilliam Bassett
Dr. Watts
William Bassett was:
Portrait of Victor BrandtVictor Brandt
Dr. Owens
Victor Brandt was:
Portrait of Rick FittsRick Fitts
Sgt. Thorpe
Rick Fitts was:
Portrait of Randy KovitzRandy Kovitz
Jason Brown
Randy Kovitz was:
Portrait of Michael JacksonMichael Jackson
Talk Show Host
Michael Jackson was:
Portrait of Jennifer McAllisterJennifer McAllister
Girl at Bus Stop
Jennifer McAllister was:
Portrait of Larry McCormickLarry McCormick
Larry McCormick was:
Portrait of Brian MulhollandBrian Mulholland
Brian Mulholland was:
Portrait of Judy PrescottJudy Prescott
Phillipa Sameth
Judy Prescott was:
Portrait of Deborah ThalbergDeborah Thalberg
Mary Grogan
Deborah Thalberg was:
Portrait of Paul TulleyPaul Tulley
Reporter #1
Paul Tulley was:
Portrait of Tasia ValenzaTasia Valenza
Louise Sojick
Tasia Valenza was:
Portrait of Kelli WilliamsKelli Williams
Margaret Wilson
Kelli Williams was:
Portrait of Charles ChampionCharles Champion
Charles Champion was:
Portrait of Betsy Clark-CalandBetsy Clark-Caland
Hooker #1
Betsy Clark-Caland was:
Portrait of J. Teddy DavisJ. Teddy Davis
Lady Patient
J. Teddy Davis was:
Portrait of Leonard DonatoLeonard Donato
Man Asking Directions
Leonard Donato was:
Portrait of Nicole EvenhuisNicole Evenhuis
Nikki Ross
Nicole Evenhuis was:
Portrait of Nigel GibbsNigel Gibbs
Nigel Gibbs was:
Portrait of Bob GroganBob Grogan
Washington Policeman
Bob Grogan was:
Portrait of Robyn HastingsRobyn Hastings
Hooker #2
Robyn Hastings was:
Portrait of Manny KleinmuntzManny Kleinmuntz
Dr. Frantz
Manny Kleinmuntz was:
Portrait of John LyonsJohn Lyons
John Lyons was:
Portrait of Tommy PuettTommy Puett
Mark Grogan
Tommy Puett was:
Portrait of Ernest SarracinoErnest Sarracino
Jury Foreman
Ernest Sarracino was:
Portrait of Rande ScottRande Scott
Court Clerk
Rande Scott was:
Portrait of Renata ScottRenata Scott
Dr. Baxter
Renata Scott was:
Portrait of Diane Sherry CaseDiane Sherry Case
Reporter #2
Diane Sherry Case was:
Portrait of John SistrunkJohn Sistrunk
Vice Cop
John Sistrunk was:
Portrait of Mary JacksonMary Jackson
Mary Jackson was:
Portrait of Rosanna HuffmanRosanna Huffman
Rosanna Huffman was:
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