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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Grave Misconduct

Grave Misconduct

Release Date: Saturday, November 1 2008 (14 years ago)
Portrait of Crystal BernardCrystal Bernard
Julia London
Crystal Bernard was:
Portrait of Vincent SpanoVincent Spano
Trent Dodson
Vincent Spano was:
Portrait of Roxanne HartRoxanne Hart
Margo Lawrence
Roxanne Hart was:
Portrait of Dorian HarewoodDorian Harewood
Baxter Kyle
Dorian Harewood was:
Portrait of Joanna MilesJoanna Miles
Catherine Hallow
Joanna Miles was:
Portrait of Michael ColeMichael Cole
Jason Connelly
Michael Cole was:
Portrait of Oliver MuirheadOliver Muirhead
Don Crown
Oliver Muirhead was:
Portrait of Diane RobinDiane Robin
Miranda Darkling
Diane Robin was:
Portrait of Julie MondJulie Mond
Angela Drown
Julie Mond was:
Portrait of John FleckJohn Fleck
Billy Speck
John Fleck was:
Portrait of Fran BennettFran Bennett
Mrs. Crutch
Fran Bennett was:
Portrait of Mercedes ColonMercedes Colon
Cricket Jones
Mercedes Colon was:
Portrait of Kathe MazurKathe Mazur
Yana Miller
Kathe Mazur was:
Portrait of Jack KandelJack Kandel
Jack Kandel was:
Portrait of Edward CarnevaleEdward Carnevale
Cab Driver
Edward Carnevale was:
Portrait of Todd RoyalTodd Royal
Todd Royal was:
Portrait of Kent ShocknekKent Shocknek
TV Reporter
Kent Shocknek was:
Portrait of Bart McCarthyBart McCarthy
Crazy Eyes
Bart McCarthy was:
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