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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Baby Bulldog

Baby Bulldog

Release Date: 2020-11-27 (1 year ago)
Calhoun Koenig
Calhoun Koenig was:
Stella Shoha
Stella Shoha was:
Tara Reid
Dr. Robertson
Tara Reid was:
Dean Cain
Dean Cain was:
Joshua Ray Bell
Joshua Ray Bell was:
Angela Peavey
Angela Peavey was:
Rocco Guirlanda
Campaign Manager
Rocco Guirlanda was:
Courtney Mathews
Miss Jenkins
Courtney Mathews was:
Nick Vlassopoulos
Attorney Laport
Nick Vlassopoulos was:
Mike Tremblay
Police Officer
Mike Tremblay was:
Shelby Bradley
City Woman
Shelby Bradley was:
Gordon Shell
Gordon Shell was:
Ethan Markus
Rude Boy
Ethan Markus was:
Nancy Oeswein
Nancy Oeswein was:
Andie Griftos
Shadow (voice)
Andie Griftos was:
Keith Seccombe
Snaps (voice)
Keith Seccombe was:
Mavin Tramble
Goldfish (voice)
Mavin Tramble was:
Colleen Gentry
Bella (voice)
Colleen Gentry was:
Earnest Lee
Golden Retriever (voice)
Earnest Lee was:
Kayleigh Yessayan
Puppy (voice)
Kayleigh Yessayan was:
Lucas Yessayan
Puppy (voice)
Lucas Yessayan was:
Arielle Olkhovsky
Puppy (voice)
Arielle Olkhovsky was:
Lexie was:
Shadow was:
Seeing Eye Dog
Cosmos was:
Frances Lee
Cat (voice)
Frances Lee was:
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