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Poster of Christmas Vacation 2000

Christmas Vacation 2000

Release Date: Friday, December 17 1999 (22 years ago)
Portrait of Massimo BoldiMassimo Boldi
Ettore Colombo
Massimo Boldi was:
Portrait of Christian De SicaChristian De Sica
Avvocato Covelli
Christian De Sica was:
Portrait of Megan GaleMegan Gale
Megane Gale
Megan Gale was:
Portrait of Carmen ElectraCarmen Electra
Carmen Electra was:
Portrait of Nino D'AngeloNino D'Angelo
Pasquale Esposito
Nino D'Angelo was:
Portrait of Enzo SalviEnzo Salvi
Oscar "Er Cipolla"
Enzo Salvi was:
Portrait of Monica ScattiniMonica Scattini
Patrizia Covelli
Monica Scattini was:
Portrait of Emanuela GrimaldaEmanuela Grimalda
Contessa Allegra dal Pozzo
Emanuela Grimalda was:
Portrait of Andrea CastoldiAndrea Castoldi
Marco Colombo
Andrea Castoldi was:
Portrait of Micaela RamazzottiMicaela Ramazzotti
Giada Covelli
Micaela Ramazzotti was:
Portrait of Irene FerriIrene Ferri
Morena ("Morena dal Pozzo")
Irene Ferri was:
Portrait of Andrea LupoAndrea Lupo
Paolo Scottoni ("Paolo Barilla")
Andrea Lupo was:
Portrait of Gianmarco Rocco Di TorrepadulaGianmarco Rocco Di Torrepadula
Roberto ("Roberto Gazzoni")
Gianmarco Rocco Di Torrepadula was:
Portrait of Luciana Ussi AlzatiLuciana Ussi Alzati
Silvia Colombo
Luciana Ussi Alzati was:
Portrait of Nunzia SchianoNunzia Schiano
Giuseppina Esposito
Nunzia Schiano was:
Portrait of Adriano PantaleoAdriano Pantaleo
Gennaro "Gennarino" Esposito
Adriano Pantaleo was:
Portrait of Ciro EspositoCiro Esposito
Gaetano Esposito
Ciro Esposito was:
Portrait of Virginie MarsanVirginie Marsan
Azzurra Covelli
Virginie Marsan was:
Portrait of Francesca Romana MessereFrancesca Romana Messere
amica di Azzurra
Francesca Romana Messere was:
Portrait of Ernesto LamaErnesto Lama
Salvatore De Rosa
Ernesto Lama was:
Portrait of Paolo ConticiniPaolo Conticini
Paolo Conticini was:
Portrait of Antonio CantaruttiAntonio Cantarutti
Luca Marangon
Antonio Cantarutti was:
Portrait of Alfiero ToppettiAlfiero Toppetti
Alfiero Toppetti was:
Portrait of Katy Monique CuomoKaty Monique Cuomo
Luciana "Lucy" Mantegazza
Katy Monique Cuomo was:
Portrait of Achille BrugniniAchille Brugnini
Achille Brugnini was:
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