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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Jurassic World

Jurassic World

Release Date: Saturday, June 6 2015 (7 years ago)
Portrait of Chris PrattChris Pratt
Owen Grady
Chris Pratt was:
Portrait of Bryce Dallas HowardBryce Dallas Howard
Claire Dearing
Bryce Dallas Howard was:
Portrait of Ty SimpkinsTy Simpkins
Gray Mitchell
Ty Simpkins was:
Portrait of Nick RobinsonNick Robinson
Zach Mitchell
Nick Robinson was:
Portrait of Vincent D'OnofrioVincent D'Onofrio
Vic Hoskins
Vincent D'Onofrio was:
Portrait of BD WongBD Wong
Dr. Henry Wu
BD Wong was:
Portrait of Omar SyOmar Sy
Barry Sembène
Omar Sy was:
Portrait of Jake JohnsonJake Johnson
Lowery Cruthers
Jake Johnson was:
Portrait of Irrfan KhanIrrfan Khan
Simon Masrani
Irrfan Khan was:
Portrait of Judy GreerJudy Greer
Karen Mitchell
Judy Greer was:
Portrait of Lauren LapkusLauren Lapkus
Lauren Lapkus was:
Portrait of Brian TeeBrian Tee
Brian Tee was:
Portrait of Katie McGrathKatie McGrath
Zara Young
Katie McGrath was:
Portrait of Andy BuckleyAndy Buckley
Scott Mitchell
Andy Buckley was:
Portrait of Eric EdelsteinEric Edelstein
Paddock Supervisor
Eric Edelstein was:
Portrait of Courtney J. ClarkCourtney J. Clark
Mosasaurus Announcer
Courtney J. Clark was:
Portrait of Colby BoothmanColby Boothman
Young Raptor Handler
Colby Boothman was:
Portrait of Jimmy FallonJimmy Fallon
Jimmy Fallon
Jimmy Fallon was:
Portrait of James DuMontJames DuMont
Hal Osterly
James DuMont was:
Portrait of Matt BurkeMatt Burke
Jim Drucker
Matt Burke was:
Portrait of Anna TalakkotturAnna Talakkottur
Erica Brand
Anna Talakkottur was:
Portrait of Matthew CardaropleMatthew Cardarople
Gyrosphere Operator
Matthew Cardarople was:
Portrait of Michael PapajohnMichael Papajohn
InGen Contractor
Michael Papajohn was:
Portrait of William Gary SmithWilliam Gary Smith
Park Ranger
William Gary Smith was:
Portrait of Kelly WashingtonKelly Washington
Zach's Girlfriend
Kelly Washington was:
Portrait of Isaac KeysIsaac Keys
Control Room Security Guard
Isaac Keys was:
Portrait of Patrick CrowleyPatrick Crowley
Flight Instructor
Patrick Crowley was:
Portrait of Chad RandallChad Randall
InGen Soldier
Chad Randall was:
Portrait of Gary WeeksGary Weeks
Father of Three
Gary Weeks was:
Portrait of Bill OgilvieBill Ogilvie
Spanish Parkgoer
Bill Ogilvie was:
Portrait of Allan TamAllan Tam
Chinese Parkgoer
Allan Tam was:
Portrait of Yvonne AnguloYvonne Angulo
Italian Mother
Yvonne Angulo was:
Portrait of Chloe PerrinChloe Perrin
Italian Girl
Chloe Perrin was:
Portrait of Timothy EulichTimothy Eulich
ACU Trooper
Timothy Eulich was:
Portrait of Kevin FosterKevin Foster
ACU Gunner
Kevin Foster was:
Portrait of Bonnie WildBonnie Wild
Park Announcer (voice)
Bonnie Wild was:
Portrait of Brad BirdBrad Bird
Monorail Announcer (voice)
Brad Bird was:
Portrait of Colin TrevorrowColin Trevorrow
Mr. DNA (voice)
Colin Trevorrow was:
Portrait of Justin LacalamitaJustin Lacalamita
Sheriff (uncredited)
Justin Lacalamita was:
Portrait of Tiffany ForestTiffany Forest
Park Visitor (uncredited)
Tiffany Forest was:
Portrait of Arlene NewmanArlene Newman
Woman with Baby (uncredited)
Arlene Newman was:
Portrait of Tait FletcherTait Fletcher
InGen Soldier (uncredited)
Tait Fletcher was:
Portrait of Jimmy BuffettJimmy Buffett
Park Visitor (uncredited)
Jimmy Buffett was:
Portrait of Tim ConnollyTim Connolly
InGen Soldier (uncredited)
Tim Connolly was:
Portrait of Johnny OttoJohnny Otto
Biologist (uncredited)
Johnny Otto was:
Portrait of Erika EricaErika Erica
Park Visitor (uncredited)
Erika Erica was:
Portrait of Brandon Marc HigaBrandon Marc Higa
Petting Zoo Staff (uncredited)
Brandon Marc Higa was:
Portrait of Martin KlebbaMartin Klebba
Staff Field (uncredited)
Martin Klebba was:
Portrait of Eddie J. FernandezEddie J. Fernandez
Paddock Worker (uncredited)
Eddie J. Fernandez was:
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