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Battle of Kosovo

Battle of Kosovo

Release Date: 1989-06-12 (32 years ago)
Gorica Popović
Kneginja Milica
Gorica Popović was:
Vojislav Brajović
Vuk Branković
Vojislav Brajović was:
Žarko Laušević
Miloš Obilić
Žarko Laušević was:
Ljuba Tadić
Sultan Murat
Ljuba Tadić was:
Branislav Lečić
Bajazit Jildirim
Branislav Lečić was:
Katarina Gojković
Kosovka devojka
Katarina Gojković was:
Neda Arnerić
Neda Arnerić was:
Ivan Bekjarev
Ivan Bekjarev was:
Branko Cvejić
Branko Cvejić was:
Svetozar Cvetković
Milan Toplica
Svetozar Cvetković was:
Milena Dravić
Milena Dravić was:
Milan 'Lane' Gutović
Ivan Kosančić
Milan 'Lane' Gutović was:
Душан Јанићијевић
Душан Јанићијевић was:
Milutin 'Mima' Karadžić
Milutin 'Mima' Karadžić was:
Petar Kralj
Petar Kralj was:
Predrag Laković
Predrag Laković was:
Irfan Mensur
Irfan Mensur was:
Radoslav Milenković
Radoslav Milenković was:
Velimir 'Bata' Zivojinovic
Srbin Hamza
Velimir 'Bata' Zivojinovic was:
Miloš Žutić
Knez Lazar Hrebeljanović
Miloš Žutić was:
Marko Baćović
Jakub Čelebija
Marko Baćović was:
Tihomir Arsić
Lazar Mušić
Tihomir Arsić was:
Dragomir Čumić
Seljak sa zobnicom
Dragomir Čumić was:
Bogdan Diklić
Bogdan Diklić was:
Ljiljana Gazdić
Ljiljana Gazdić was:
Olivera Ježina
Olivera Ježina was:
Slobodan Jocić
Slobodan Jocić was:
Rastislav Jović
Sluga Milutin
Rastislav Jović was:
Bogdan Kuzmanović
Bogdan Kuzmanović was:
Aleksandar Matić
Aleksandar Matić was:
Predrag Milinković
Predrag Milinković was:
Neda Ognjanović
Neda Ognjanović was:
Suzana Petričević
Suzana Petričević was:
Rajko Prodanović
Rizničar Vuka Brankovića
Rajko Prodanović was:
Miodrag Radovanović
Miodrag Radovanović was:
Ras Rastoder
Ras Rastoder was:
Nemanja Stanišić
Stefan Lazarević
Nemanja Stanišić was:
Dragomir Stanojević
Dragomir Stanojević was:
Josif Tatić
Josif Tatić was:
Tanasije Uzunović
Tanasije Uzunović was:
Vlastimir Velisavljević
Seljak sa senom
Vlastimir Velisavljević was:
Dragan Vujić 'Vujke'
Dragan Vujić 'Vujke' was:
Ljubo Škiljević
Ljubo Škiljević was:
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