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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Killers Edge

The Killers Edge

Release Date: 1991-04-12 (30 years ago)
Wings Hauser
Jack Saxon
Wings Hauser was:
Karen Black
Karen Black was:
Robert Z'Dar
Miller Richardson
Robert Z'Dar was:
Joe Palese
Joe Palese was:
Elaine Pelino
Elaine Pelino was:
Gino Dentie
Tony (as Gino Dinocente)
Gino Dentie was:
Talbot Perry Simons
Talbot Perry Simons was:
Wendy MacDonald
Wendy MacDonald was:
Robert Gallo
Capt. Brown
Robert Gallo was:
Delores Nascar
Massage Madam
Delores Nascar was:
Addison Randall
Helicopter Pilot
Addison Randall was:
Andres Carranza
Andres Carranza was:
Walter Cox
Walter Cox was:
Dallas Cole
Dallas Cole was:
Bobby Figaro
Bobby Figaro was:
Charlie Ganis
Charlie Ganis was:
Marta Dargham
Dr. Linda Halston
Marta Dargham was:
Bette Rae
Bette Rae was:
Kevin Benton
Kevin Benton was:
John Dagnen
Pizza Man
John Dagnen was:
Paul Hayes
Man at Massage Parlor
Paul Hayes was:
Steve Wilcox
Restaurant Robber
Steve Wilcox was:
Robert Axelrod
Restaurant Robber
Robert Axelrod was:
Loretta Homway
Girl Skater
Loretta Homway was:
Dan Moreau
Bad Guy in Van
Dan Moreau was:
Sabino Villa Lobos
Bad Guy in Van
Sabino Villa Lobos was:
David Parry
Printshop Worker
David Parry was:
Julian Smith
Printshop Worker
Julian Smith was:
Mindy Ann Martin
Kid at Ice Rink
Mindy Ann Martin was:
Randy Maksoud
Kid at Ice Rink
Randy Maksoud was:
Michael Merzlak
Man in Pawn Shop
Michael Merzlak was:
Jimmy Fantroy
Man in Pawn Shop
Jimmy Fantroy was:
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