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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Night Angel

Night Angel

Release Date: 1990-06-02 (31 years ago)
Isa Jank
Lilith (as Isa Andersen)
Isa Jank was:
Linden Ashby
Linden Ashby was:
Debra Feuer
Debra Feuer was:
Helen Martin
Helen Martin was:
Karen Black
Karen Black was:
Doug Jones
Doug Jones was:
Gary Hudson
Gary Hudson was:
Sam Hennings
Mr. Crenshaw
Sam Hennings was:
Tedra Gabriel
Mrs. Crenshaw
Tedra Gabriel was:
Phil Fondacaro
Phil Fondacaro was:
Roscoe Lee Browne
Roscoe Lee Browne was:
Lisa Michelle Axelrod
Lisa Michelle Axelrod was:
Teresa Hill
Model (as Theresa Hill)
Teresa Hill was:
Dana Kimmell
Model (as Dana Kimmel)
Dana Kimmell was:
Ben Ryan Ganger
Ben Ryan Ganger was:
B.J. Turner
B.J. Turner was:
Twink Caplan
Twink Caplan was:
Susie Sparks
Woman with Faces Under Breasts
Susie Sparks was:
Jill Sparks
Jill Sparks was:
Passionella Cashflow
Passionella Cashflow was:
Debra Casey
Debra Casey was:
Patricia Bando Josten
Rita's Secretary
Patricia Bando Josten was:
Julie Davidow
Office Worker
Julie Davidow was:
Sague E. Coombs
Office Worker
Sague E. Coombs was:
Delmar Tomlyn
Office Worker
Delmar Tomlyn was:
Kim Kruse
People in Bondage
Kim Kruse was:
Ira Levine
People in Bondage
Ira Levine was:
Elayne Levine
People in Bondage
Elayne Levine was:
Ray Hammond
Man Being Served on Table
Ray Hammond was:
Danny Josten
Danny Josten was:
Leslie McGlaski
Siamese Twin #1
Leslie McGlaski was:
Gene Rivera
Siamese Twin #2
Gene Rivera was:
Jed Gould
Radio Announcer
Jed Gould was:
Denise Fondo
Radio Announcer
Denise Fondo was:
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