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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Bad Manners

Bad Manners

Release Date: 1984-11-11 (36 years ago)
Pamela Adlon
Girl Joey
Pamela Adlon was:
Murphy Dunne
Mr. Kurtz
Murphy Dunne was:
Anne De Salvo
Sister Serena
Anne De Salvo was:
Karen Black
Gladys Fitzpatrick
Karen Black was:
Martin Mull
Warren Fitzpatrick
Martin Mull was:
Michael Hentz
Mouse / Bartholomew
Michael Hentz was:
Joey Coleman
Joey Coleman was:
Christopher Brown
Christopher Brown was:
Georg Olden
Georg Olden was:
Stephen Stucker
Dr. Bender
Stephen Stucker was:
Kimmy Robertson
Sarah Fitzpatrick
Kimmy Robertson was:
John Paul Lussier
Garth Fitzpatrick
John Paul Lussier was:
Edy Williams
Mrs. Slatt
Edy Williams was:
Hy Pyke
Mr. Slatt
Hy Pyke was:
Gertrude Flynn
Mother Celestina
Gertrude Flynn was:
Lark Hackshaw
Nurse Bates
Lark Hackshaw was:
Bill Quinones
Bill Quinones was:
Seth Wagerman
Seth Wagerman was:
Thomas Stokes
Thomas Stokes was:
Michelle Cundey
Suzy Trotter
Michelle Cundey was:
Marshall Efron
Cab Driver
Marshall Efron was:
Susan Ruttan
Susan Ruttan was:
Richard Deacon
Ticket Salesman
Richard Deacon was:
Bridget Sienna
Bridget Sienna was:
Barry Cutler
Pizza Man
Barry Cutler was:
Steve Lalande
Gay Guy
Steve Lalande was:
Drew Davis
Teenage Samurai
Drew Davis was:
Rex Ryon
Rex Ryon was:
Robert Houston
Robert Houston was:
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