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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2

Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2

Release Date: 2011-02-01 (10 years ago)
Odette Annable
Chloe (voice)
Odette Annable was:
George Lopez
Papi (voice)
George Lopez was:
Zachary Gordon
Papi Jr. (voice)
Zachary Gordon was:
Christine Lakin
News Reporter
Christine Lakin was:
Miguel Ferrer
Delgado (voice)
Miguel Ferrer was:
Madison Pettis
Lala (voice)
Madison Pettis was:
Bridgit Mendler
Appoline (voice)
Bridgit Mendler was:
Jon Donahue
Antonio (voice)
Jon Donahue was:
Phill Lewis
Judge McKible
Phill Lewis was:
Delaney Jones
Ali (voice)
Delaney Jones was:
Tom Kenny
Sebastian (voice)
Tom Kenny was:
Loretta Devine
Delta (voice)
Loretta Devine was:
Alyssa Milano
Biminy (voice)
Alyssa Milano was:
Jon Huertas
Alberto (voice)
Jon Huertas was:
Marcus Coloma
Sam Cortez
Marcus Coloma was:
Erin Cahill
Rachel Ashe
Erin Cahill was:
Susan Blakely
Vivian Ashe
Susan Blakely was:
Lupe Ontiveros
Mrs. Cortez
Lupe Ontiveros was:
Castulo Guerra
Mr. Cortez
Castulo Guerra was:
Rance Howard
Rance Howard was:
Elaine Hendrix
Colleen Mansfield
Elaine Hendrix was:
Brian Stepanek
Mr. Kroop
Brian Stepanek was:
French Stewart
Beverly Hills Dog Show Commentator
French Stewart was:
Morgan Fairchild
Beverly Hills Dog Show Commentator
Morgan Fairchild was:
Emily Osment
Pep (voice)
Emily Osment was:
Ernie Hudson
Ernie Hudson was:
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